Tuesday 6 June 2017

6th June - Sweden's National Day



I didn't really properly "attend" the National Day / Flag Day celebrations this year - just passed by on the outskirts of the crowd gathered in the town park. The ceremonies include welcoming new citizens; and this year I think they also had more activities than usual for families going on in town during the day.

Our World Tuesday Graphic



  1. And so many have their flags, which really makes it more festive. The third picture is beautiful, where the people are framed by those two large old trees.

  2. My favourite of this set is the little girl holding the yellow balloon and looking up. Like a scene out of a picture book!
    This is not the day when your town offers free cake, is it?

    1. My favourite out of these too, Meike :)
      No, the "free cake for all" is on our town's birthday, 29th June. (Not that they ever count on all 110.000 actually turning up...)
      On National Day, free cake only for new citizens! (at a special welcoming ceremony for them)

  3. I see a few brought their dogs and I love the green grass and green leaves on the trees. looks like a find day for the celebration

  4. So far as I am aware neither the UK nor any of its constituent parts actually celebrates their national day in that way any more.


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