About Me

My name is Monica, I live in south-west Sweden, and am 65+ years old. Before "old age" retirement I had already been in early retirement for quite a while related to chronic pain problems. Blogging has become an alternative way of travelling and meeting people around the world; and photography a challenge to find new points of view in spite of mostly walking the same old streets and paths.

My signature and blog title I borrowed from the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. The goal in The Voyage of the DawnTreader is to explore "the unknown Eastern Seas beyond the Lone Islands". When I first ventured out into the Blog World, that's how I felt. And in many ways, I still feel the same!

(My avatar is my own photo of a model ship displayed in a window.)

Links to some autobiographical posts from my first blog
The Island of the Voices (2009-2010):

About Me and Languages:
(1) Early Years
(2) Music and School
(3) Britain 1971
(4) Secondary School
(5) Yorkshire 1972
(6) "Going international"
(7) Britain 1974
(8) "Into Business"

Email: mothmail-dawn (at) yahoo.com

Copyright: Most of the photos used in the blog are my own.
Sometimes I borrow illustrations or videos from other sources, but then I try to make that clear by links or references. 

(Text updated February 2021) 

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