Saturday, 17 August 2019

Weekend Reflections

A variety of "home made things" in  a shop window in Lund.
The shop was closed, so could not explore the inside!

Weekend Reflections

"A Day in the Life of..."

It's been a rather ordinary week, except that on Wednesday, I woke up and decided that, for once, I'd make an attempt to answer the FAQ (frequently asked question) "what do you do all day". (Actually I think it's been a while since anyone specifically requested to know; but I do sometimes still ask myself...)

So, for one day, I decided to stop to reflect and take notes every hour or so. The result goes something like this:

7 a.m. - Waking up to a sunny day and feeling connected to the world.

7.15 - Making sure I really am connected (by WiFi). My morning checkup (sometimes before breakfast, sometimes after) normally includes Email, Facebook, Words With Friends (crossword game), and Duolingo (at least one lesson to keep up my streak; usually starting with Spanish). 

8.15 -  Getting dressed etc, having breakfast and glancing through the newspaper. (Yes I still have a daily printed morning newspaper - delivered through a slot in my door, so no need to go outside to fetch it.)

9 - Listening  (on my tablet) to a lecture on the Indo-European Languages of Europe; whilst making the bed, washing up, watering plants and sorting yesterday's laundry. (The lecture is part of an Audible course on languages around the world which is keeping me spellbound just now... Did you know there are 7000 languages???)

9.30 - Preparations to go out, and then a walk into town for various minor errands (including pharmacy + a grocery shop); also walking back home, and then unpacking my purchases etc.

11.25 - Quick check that I'm still connected to the world...

11.35-12.00 - Resting while listening to the radio. Every weekday (Monday-Friday) since the Dawn of Time (i.e. as long as I can remember), at 11.35, there is a chapter from a novel read aloud on the radio. (This has been going on since way before other access to audio books.) I often listen while preparing lunch, if I am home. (Nowadays there is of course also the possibility to catch up online.) (Just now: Nutshell by Ian McEwan - in Swedish. I've not heard every episode but enough to follow the basic story.) 

12 - Preparing lunch (salmon and salad, already pre-prepared) and then eating in front of the TV to A Place in the Sun - home or away. (British TV show: People not sure whether they want to just move to the English countryside or to a warmer climate, like Spain or France. Most seem to decide on the latter; which these days makes me wonder every time how Brexit will affect them all...) (The programs I watch are reruns so that question does not come up.)

13 - More Home or away, while going to and fro and doing some washing up and dusting etc during the commercial breaks.

14 - American Fixer Uppers demolish and refurbish a whole house while I'm exercising my vacuum cleaner. (phew)

15 - Resting (?) while playing Words with Friends and doing some Russian Duolingo lessons and other whatnots on my phone.

16 - Out for a short walk, and then a cup of tea and something.

17 - A mix of resting, reading and connecting with the world again; including a couple of Turkish Duolingo lessons.

18 - Preparing my biweekly online shopping list; and the TV on with a mix of News, British Antiques Road Trip, and Escape to the Country (people who know they want to stay in Britain, but not sure whether they want a thatched roof, next-door neighbours, or a barn conversion miles away from anywhere). (I like the various British house-and-antiques-hunting shows for all the glimpses of lovely scenery and interesting architecture and history - but at the same time they don't require my full attention...)  

20 - Ordering groceries online for delivery on Friday.

21 - Late supper and watching a Swedish history documentary on Women Viking Warriors (based on finds in old graves). Reflecting that even history is constantly changing... (or at least how we perceive it, from the perspective of our own time)...

22 - Getting ready for bed. Reading on my Kindle for a bit, then switching to the same book on Audible (on timer): Daniel Deronda English classic by George Eliot (alias Mary Ann Evans), first published in 1876. A very long novel; and I have to confess I feel like I keep losing the thread of the plot whether I'm awake or asleep, reading or listening with this one... (But around 70%  through now, so don't want to give up.)

Follow-up question: Is every day the same?
Answer: No! (Not exactly, anyway...)

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Red Brick and Roses

On our last evening in Lund (back in July) we went for a random walk along charming back streets that had me stopping at more or less every house and corner to take photos... 

I think I'll just share one now and then rather than gather them all in one post!

Our World Tuesday Graphic

Ruby Tuesday Too

Through My Lens

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Inspired Sunday - Vallkärra Church

Vallkärra Church
Diocese of Lund - Skåne, Sweden

Some old tombstones and memorial crosses of cultural-historical interest

Vallkärra Church (near Lund, Skåne, Sweden) dates back to the 12th century; but the only part that remains from those days is the rounded choir. The pulpit is from the 16th century. The whole church went through a major reconstruction in the 1840s, and its size was then tripled. In 1906-07 some further changes were made, and the pews, baptismal font and altar table are from that time. The organ is from 1963. Some older items and paintings from the church have been moved to museums. 
Inspired Sunday #328

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Sepia Saturday 482 - A Hundred Years Ago

Another mystery photo from my great-aunt Gerda's photo album. As usual there are no written clues to reveal who, where or when. I'm choosing this photo for this week's Sepia Saturday, because it shows three women from around the same time period as the prompt photo of Emmeline Pankhurst & co (see below).

When guessing the time period of my photo, my only clues are the fashion and hair styles. I know Gerda is the woman in the middle  (concluded from comparison with other photos).  But I'm not sure whether the photo was taken in America, Sweden or France - or even somewhere else.

I also don't know Gerda's opinions about the suffragette movement. Working her way up as a maid, lady's maid, travel companion and housekeeper, I can imagine that she perhaps learned to keep her thoughts on politics to herself. What I know is that when she emigrated to America in 1902 (at age 21), women in Sweden were not allowed to vote - and only about a fourth of the men. When she returned around 1911, most men were allowed to vote, but not the women. When WWI broke out, Gerda was in France; and it seems she was unable to go back to Sweden for the duration of the war. In 1919, the right to vote in Sweden was finally extended to women (over the age of 23); but the first elections where they could actually take part were held in 1921. I do have some evidence indicating that Gerda was living in Sweden in 1921; so she may have been able to vote in that election. (Both my grandmothers, born in 1900 and 1902, would still have been too young, though - as the age limit back then was 23!)

Friday, 9 August 2019

Båstad: Boats and Beach (Skywatch Friday)

From a walk along the harbour and beach at Båstad, the first evening of our road trip a month ago (July 8).

Båstad is a rather typical Swedish seaside resort in that it more than doubles its population in the summer holiday season.

SkyWatch Friday
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