Monday, 18 October 2021

Keep Walkin', Part 2 - Street Views

 Continued from Part 1, last week

From the woodland park that was not showing off quite as much autumn colour as I had hoped, I turned into a street leading towards the Culture Center (library, art museum and theatre). There are some impressive big old houses in that part of town.

I've always liked old houses with towers and odd angles etc. I remember thinking when I was younger that I'd like to live in a house with a tower... Now I'm not so sure I'd really like climbing all the inevitable stairs, though!


This entrance door caught my attention - especially with the rag rug in front!

I like the bay window, too. Never had one of those either!

Nice autumn colours in the trees along this street.


This is (part of) a upper secondary school (senior high school). Although I did not live here back in my school years, I actually did go to this school for six months later in life, attending a medical secretary training course. 

The biggest church in town is nearby, built ~1906. It has been on this blog before.

Ryttaren - The Rider
Sculpture by Sven-Erik Johansson

 Not one of my favourite sculptures (too odd for my taste). But the artist (1925-2020, born in Borås) is quite famous for his rather eerie paintings and sculptures.

The Culture Center. I went inside for a bit, but the Art museum turned out to be currently closed, preparing for a new exhibition.

A mural revisited on the way back.
I don't remember its title or artist.


Saturday, 16 October 2021

Sepia Saturday 592 - The Centre of Attention

  ... or Smile, Baby, smile! ...

From my own album, I pick this photo to match the Sepia Saturday prompt of the week. The people doing their best here are my parents, my paternal grandmother (next to my mum), my grandmother's sister, and her husband. My p. grandfather took the photo; and the year is 1956.

Sepia Saturday 592

Sepia Saturday

Friday, 15 October 2021

Weekend Street/ Reflection


Mural reflected in the windows of a building across the street. (Borås, Sweden)

 For Weekend Street/Reflections #38 

Weekend Reflections

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Keep Walkin' ...

After my long walk on Monday, I half suspected I might end up with lingering muscle soreness the next day. But I didn't, and it was another lovely autumn day, so I decided on another walk. Two months ago, I blogged about a walk downhill through a park that I haven't visited very often in later years; and one fellow blogger commented that "if I were you, I would go back in a couple of months to see it in all its glorious autumn colours". I said I'd keep that in mind - and I did! ;) It turned out maybe a little bit too early for the full autumn glory, but on the other hand, one never knows how many more fine days there will be.

This time, I decided to go uphill through the park rather than downhill; and on the way there, it seemed fitting to also say hello to the big Pinocchio sculpture in the collage above - whose official name is Walking to Borås. He's been standing there since 2008, and he was the really the start to building our reputation as a City of Art! 

The park is on the hill behind him, across a big road.

Having crossed that road, the climb upward begins...

Orchard with a big insect hotel.

Close-up of the insect hotel from my previous visit.

 I love autumn light...

Stairs leading up to the next level.

And even more to the next...

Still some roses left in the rose garden

There's a motorway running below one side of the park; which alas means quite a lot of traffic noise along that path.

Entering the woodland parts, I spotted some mushrooms on the ground. Don't know what kind!

The woodland part of the park turned out to still be quite green; and not showing as many autumn colours yet as I was hoping for.

It was also rather dark in among those trees. So I ended up leaving the woodland park, and went to explore some nearby street views instead. I'll save those for another post. 

But later, on may way back home, I caught some more views looking back up at the hill. I'll finish off this post with those:

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

A Walk Across Town...

 ... and a Shopping Spree

Yesterday was another fine autumn day here, and I decided it would be interesting to see how long it would take me to walk all the way "across town" to the Big Shopping Mall, which I haven't visited since before the pandemic. (Not for shopping, anyway! I did go to that part of town twice with friends back in July, by car; but then only to an art museum.)  

As this time I intended to go shopping, and trying on clothes, I did not bring my separate camera. But I could not resist snapping some views with the phone along the way.


Approaching the city centre. You may recognize this view from another recent post. However, this time I did not turn down into the centre, but kept on the outskirts.

Looking up another street towards the railway station (the red brick building). 

Passing a favourite view with the tower of the 17th century church in the background.

Oops, will have to make an unexpected little detour here as currently not allowed to pass under the railway bridge (hidden in plastic wrappings). They're exchanging the rails on that track...

The University.

An old railway station, nowadays home to some business office.

Part of an old textile industry complex that nowadays houses the Textile Fashion Center (with textile college, textile museum and some other related businesses). 

Students' residence building - over the river!

After that, I had to concentrate on cars, bicycles, electric scooters, other pedestrians and various crossroads etc for a while, and did not take any more photos until I reached my destination... (The whole walk across town, by the way, took around 45-50 minutes.)

In the shopping mall, just outside my favourite shop, I was puzzled by the display below. Couldn't for the life of me figure out what the scary mannequin in the empty cabin was supposed to symbolize or advertise. My best guess in retrospect (considering the flags with skulls on them) is that it could be the beginning of some kind of Halloween display. (If you have a better suggestion, please share!)

Once in the shop, I had other things to think about; and when I was done with my purchases, I had an extra bag to carry. I realized I had better take a bus back to the city centre... Walking all the way back home as well would be too much for me!

It was the most crowded bus I've been on since before the pandemic (I avoided the buses altogether for over a year, until I'd had my vaccinations), but at least I managed to get a seat. We are no longer required to wear face masks on the bus, but I chose to do so in this case. (In the two shops I went into, it had not been crowded, and no need to wear one.)

Getting off at the 'bus square' in the city centre, I decided to walk the rest of the way from there: 20-25 minutes along the river and across a cemetery, no traffic, and benches here and there along the way if I needed to rest. (And I did take advantage of that!).


Happy to report that my shopping spree was successful.  It may look like a  spur-of-the-moment orgy, but I actually had a pretty good idea in my head of what it was I wanted for the autumn/winter season ahead: One or two new plain tops with full-length sleeves, one or two pairs of (comfortable) trousers, and, if I could find one, a red (proper 'Christmas' red) cardigan or sweater. (Finding one that even had pockets was like the icing on the cake!) Mission accomplished! 😊

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