Sunday 27 May 2018

Shadow Shot Sunday


This month of May seems determined to go to history as the warmest, sunniest and driest since anyone started keeping records. At this rate, we may have Autumn by Midsummer!

Actually, this weekend I had a sense of autumn already, as it was windy (although still hot and dry), and all the elm trees around town seemed to have arranged to let go of their seeds all at once… Whirling around in the air like snowflakes; and then rustling along the streets with a sound reminding of dry leaves in autumn.

(If anyone is wondering about the lollipop shadow behind mine – it’s a traffic sign.)



Quite a few of these seeds also land on my balcony; and even seek their way indoors through open doors and windows… Well, at least - unlike various tree pollen! - they’re too big to inhale… ; )

I have sooo many pictures, and soo little time that I can comfortably spend in front of the computer in this kind of weather… I was out at the lake Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. On Monday I stayed two hours, the other days only one hour. On Tuesday it felt worth it, but on Wednesday it felt almost hotter out there than back at home! - and nowhere to sit in the shadow. I think these horses in their paddock found it a bit hot as well.






However, out on the little peninsula, in the half-shadow under the trees there, I was happy to find some lilies-of-the-valley growing.




Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Tuesday 22 May 2018

A Breath of Air


Never think of air as “nothing”. You’ll miss it when it’s not there!

In the midst of the long spell of warm weather we’ve been having in May (I think three weeks now, and still going on), the ventilation in my building has been off, as they’ve been working on installing a new ventilating fan up in the attic. In the meantime, we’ve had to keep windows and balcony doors open to let in fresh air. I suppose the timing could have been worse – but it’s still been a rather trying experience. The lack of fresh air and air circulation has been noticeable; and with open doors and windows, and all the kids of the block spending the afternoons and evenings outdoors (on the lawn on the balcony side of the building), it gets very noisy too.

Normally, I can shut out a lot of noise by closing the windows and balcony door. But these past few weeks, closed doors/windows has also equalled “no air”… So headaches whichever option one chose! (And I haven’t got the stamina to keep out and away all day myself either – especially not late into the evenings…)

I’m not writing this to complain, though – just to say that I’m now drawing a sigh of relief! … Because yesterday when I came back home (from spending the afternoon at the lake), I noticed when I came in that the flat actually felt rather nice and cool and “airy”… And soon understood that yay, ventilation was back on!

It’s not “air conditioning” as such (i.e. not controlling the temperature). I suspect it’s still likely to get too hot in the flat sometimes, especially if the nights get sultry as well (so far the nights have been rather cool even if hot in the daytime). But for now at least, I find myself just happily taking deep breaths of air even indoors : )

Monday 21 May 2018

So Fast

We’re still caught in an unusually long early spell of warm weather here and Nature seems to be in such a rush just now that I can’t keep up. I keep snapping photos but I never find the time to publish them until they’re already “out of date”… I went out to the lake again today, same place that I visited last Monday, and I noticed (for example) what had happened to this one tree in exactly one week… Flowers gone, fruits/berries (whatever they are) formed…

2018-05-14--21 green

I also noticed these ferns today, which I can’t recall having paid attention to last week – so they probably unfurled over the past week as well.



Saturday 19 May 2018

Postcards for the Weekend – Costumes

Two cards arrived very timely yesterday from Jarina in the Netherlands… (Thanks!)

JJ 2018-122 180518-1

This one depicts an old Dutch stamp, which in turn depicts a traditional costume.

JJ 2018-123 180518-2

And another old school photo… This one entitled “Those were the days”, no year given.

Half randomly flickering through some cards from previous years, I picked out some more. If I have already used them before, I hope that your memory is no better than mine!


From Lithuania 2015
Lithuanian folk dance with hats

DE-3072485 AT

Sent from Germany 2014:

Mural in Holzgau in the Lecthtal Alps, Austria

160915-160927 from John 194

From John in England, 2016
”Welsh women & cottage” (vintage card)

På promenad

From a Swedish children’s story book, written and illustrated by Elsa Beskow (1874-1953)
Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender. Their male friend is Uncle Blue, and the children are called Petter and Lotta.

From the fashions of the the past, I’m almost thinking that there must be some truth to the talk of “global warming” in our own time, as nowadays many people seem to be wearing as little as possible as soon as the sun comes out …  while in the past layers upon layers, even in nice summery weather!

I was out searching the shops for a pair of shorts this week, but found that knee-length shorts seem to be“out” at the moment (and thus impossible to find). Those shorts that are “in” are so short that there’s no way I would go into town wearing them…  To my relief, on the other hand I found that it’s apparently “in” to wear thin wide 3/4 length trousers (culottes) – even if almost only available in flowery patterns that in a couple of years will most likely be totally “out” again.

The aunties above would probably have fainted at the very idea of walking down the street in culottes. They probably wore those underneath their dresses (as does Lotta, under her shorter dress).

Postcards for the Weekend

Postcards for the Weekend 86 – Costumes

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Crossing the Bridge


More photos from my Monday outing to the lake.

Walking away from the beach, crossing a footbridge over the river, where the river joins the lake.

Above, view towards the lake.
Below, looking the other way.



On the other side of the bridge there is an area with lots of small summer houses and allotments.


I followed the path that runs between that area, and the river.


A very nice walk on a sunny day, partly shadowed by big trees.





Sitting down for a while on a park bench, just watching the sky, and all the fresh greenery…



Turning back; and looking at the river




Still wood anemones in bloom here and there… and daffodils…


This year, with spring first being late but then very much in hurry to turn straight into summer, we seem to be getting both the early spring flowers and the later ones (like all the flowering trees) all at once.





Huge bird-cherry tree in bloom by the bridge.

More Lakeside Views


Strolling off for a little walk along the west side of the lake first. (This photo is looking back towards the beach.)

One does not get very far here; but some nice views with boats and piers.
And this time of year, all the shifting shades of fresh greens in nature!










You can hardly see it, hidden in the shadows, but in this spot there is also the refreshing sound of water from a brook splashing down the hillside.

Our World Tuesday

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