Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Musings


To walk or to fly, that is the question…

If last weekend I felt that things were moving, now I feel a bit stuck again. Our presumptive buyers (of the House including some of our Stuff) turned out not to be able to offer anywhere near as much as we were hoping for; which means we’re back to… well, not square one, but a few more moves – and months – left before we’ll be ready to put the house up for sale the traditional way (and empty).

No doubt you’ll be hearing more of it…

Meanwhile, this week I’ve been out there again twice, first with an estate agent and then again on my own, by bus, yesterday. I thought I’d look for building drawings from the extension and renovation of the house that my parents did back in ‘92. Didn’t find those, but as usual I found some other stuff instead. Like the drawings of the house they sold in ‘92, and more stamps, and an old pocket watch, and a file full of newspaper cuttings about Sherlock Holmes…

I wish I had access to Sherlock’s brains for figuring out to whom the watch (not working) once belonged, because the monogram on the back does not seem to fit with any initials on the family tree!


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  1. That is disappointing about the sale not going ahead, and the pocket watch is pretty; I hope you solve the mystery of the previous owner.

  2. It is a mystery indeed. The only thing I can think of right now is that perhaps my grandfather bought it at some auction. I know he did buy some antique furniture so it is a possibility. I can't recall any friend of the family either with those initials.

    1. Oddly when I read the post I was going to make a similar suggestion.

  3. sorry they could not buy it, hope you can get it empty sooner than you thought. if you keep bringing home treasures, your flat may get so full, you will decide to live in the house yourself.

  4. Sorry to hear about the sale not happening as you were hoping it would.
    The mysterious pocket watch sounds like the beginning of an intriguing story - you should write a book!


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