Friday, 21 June 2019

Midsummer Eve

It's Midsummer Eve, and as we had a rather fine afternoon I decided to go and have a look at the traditional midsummer celebrations in the museum park.

There are 'slanderous' ;) videos circulating online about Swedish Midsummer traditions, claiming (among other things) that everyone in Sweden goes out of town to the countryside to celebrate Midsummer Eve. That's not true!

Path to the museum park up a steep hill from the lake below.
(The same lake I blogged about earlier this week.)

 Oops. There were one or two people up there already...

This is as close as I got to the "action" = folk dancing performance this year... And that was by raising my camera as high as I could above my head for a blind shot! (I did not see a thing, only heard the music.)

I had better luck back in 2014. I even managed a video then!
Click the link if you want to go back in time with me...

No rain fell here this afternoon, but I managed to get sprayed from someone else's Coca-cola can, all over the front of my pale blue pants... This was while I was standing in line to get something to drink myself. As I did not trust myself to be able to handle a thin plastic cup of hot tea in the crowd, but did feel like I craved something slightly stronger than water, I bought Coca-cola myself. (They did not have a lot to choose from.) Thinking that as I had already been sprayed, never mind if I manged to spill some more... Actually I did not spill any, but ended up only drinking half of the content anyway, as I found I've lost the taste for it... Too sweet! (I think it must be years since I last had one? at least the sugary kind...)

So I watered some weed with the rest, and threw the can in a bin (probably the wrong bin, but the only one I managed to find). Then I set off walking back home - where I had a hot shower to get rid of the sticky stuff, and then a proper cup of tea (with a cheese sandwich and a home-baked apple muffin)...

Now for a quiet midsummer evening with TV and a good book... 


  1. Looks fun.
    You should never water weed it makes it hard to light.

    1. Adrian I was more worried about upsetting the ecosystem...

  2. Oh dear! I hope the cola stain comes out in the wash. I don't like 'regular' coke, either; but a well chilled diet coke or coke zero is so refreshing on a hot day.
    The Midsummer celebration in the park looks well attended and very civil, something one can go to without having to step over comatose drunks on the grass.

    1. Yes Meike, this is very much a 'family' (all ages) event; taking place between noon and 4 pm. Nothing stronger than coffee or Coca-cola served. Still have to watch where you go, though, or you're likely to step on someone's toes, trip over a picnic basket, or be run down by small children... ;)

  3. had to laugh at the one or two people you found up there... what a crowd.. hope your pants are not stained. I tasted bob's coca cola and agree with you, way to sweet and i used to love them... a fun outing and closing with TV and a book, sounds great to me

  4. Midsummer passed almost unnoticed here. I cannot recall when I last tasted Coca Cola. I rarely drink any soft fizzy drinks anyway (apart from fizzy water which is my staple).

    1. Same here, Graham! (I.e. I usually keep to fizzy water too. There was just not a lot to choose from on this occasion and after a long walk to get there I felt in need of something sweeter. Or at least that's what I thought until I discovered that I really didn't!)


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