Monday, 8 June 2020

Rhododendron and Azaleas

Such a burst of colour this time of year in our parks and gardens - and cemeteries! The rhododendron and azaleas above all grow in the cemetery close to where I live, where I often go walking.

Our World Tuesday


  1. I love azaleas and rhododendrons - gorgous colors

  2. They are gorgeous! We rarely see this peachy color around here!

  3. They're breathtaking!! Thank you!

  4. Spectacular! Ours here are long gone, there may still be single shrubs in bloom in the shaded, cooler parts of the palace grounds, but they were at their best about 3-4 weeks ago I think. Everything feels about 3-4 weeks early this year, even wheat and other cereal crop on the fields look like mid-July and not early June.

  5. Awesome flowers and bushes and what a beautiful place to walk


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