Thursday, 3 March 2022



The month of March, around here, is still hovering between winter and spring. This year it has started out sunny, but still chilly (frosty in the mornings). In some areas the snow is all gone - and yet it may still be lingering just around the corner. These photos are from a short walk around the old cemetery this afternoon. In one tree I noticed a brand new nesting box. If anyone has moved in yet, I don't know!

In the trees I can see from my windows, the magpies are repairing and adding to their old nests, as usual. (The two photos below are from last year, but it looks much the same now.)

No doubt the ducks in the river are up to some family planning as well - even if not showing me where, but trying to confuse me with reflections of human dwellings...

 - - -

A week ago, I broke a tooth again. Called the dentist on Friday and got my annual check-up brought forward a couple of weeks, to Monday morning this week. Being very far from a "morning person" these days, I usually try to avoid early morning appointments - but as I wasn't sure how the weekend would go, I felt that in this case, I had better take the first option offered. Luckily at least the weather was OK and the streets not too icy. I was back home again before my normal (winter) breakfast time - with some grocery shopping done on the way home as well. But with just a temporary filling; and another appointment next week to begin a "bigger job". Fingers crossed she'll manage to figure out a way to fit a crown on what remains of the original tooth...

Meanwhile, I'm again keeping to soft foods, and trying to chew only on the other side... To avoid complicating things further by for example catching a cold, I also intend to continue to stay away from any attempts to resume "social life" for a while yet. (Can't say I had any immediate such plans anyway, even if corona restrictions have been lifted...)


  1. so sorry about the tooth. seems life is always sending us something to hit our pocket book . those ducks are gorgeous and look like they are so happy. I read your comment on my living space and I could be very happy in your space if I lived alone, but NOT with Bob and a dog... but I want mine here in Florida LOL

  2. Another tooth! Do you know how it happened? I am always so nervous when I have a temporary. You captured the Mallard's head beautifully!

  3. Love your duck photos! They are collectors worthy! Argh, teeth and dental issues do seem on my horizon again and again also. Hope all goes well for you!

  4. Sorry to hear you broke another tooth, but you did well in taking the first opportunity to have it sorted. Your dentist should be able to sort it out proplery, I hope.
    March is similar here, with frosty nights well below zero and sunny days. The birds are very active, and if it weren't so very cold during the nights, I would sleep with my window cracked open and listen to their beautiful morning chorus while still in bed.

  5. Sorry, too, to read that you've broken another tooth, but hope your dentist will be able to fit a permanent crown. I'm a coward when it comes to dentists and have been happy to use Covid as an excuse not to go! All restrictions are being lifted here so I may have to find another excuse - or brave up and go!
    Lovely photos, and although you still have snow in places, it looks like a lovely day.

    1. CG, even my regular dental checkups is one of the things I've NOT put off because of covid as I know I have a mouth full of old fillings...

  6. Thanks to all above for your comments. I should perhaps clarify: It's the same tooth that has been causing problems since last summer. The first filling from then is still in place but more parts of the tooth and secondary fillings have kept breaking. There are reasons why they've hesitated until now to try a crown as well but I'm hoping it will work out.


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