Thursday, 20 November 2014

September Harvest Festival, Part I (Inside)

CIMG7503 kulturhuset

Borås Cultural Centre contains the town’s Art Museum, Library, Theatre, and a café.


In September, the annual Harvest Festival usually takes place here - with market stalls and music and other activities going outdoors between the Cultural Centre and the nearby early 20th century church…


… and free apple pie and custard served indoors, in the theatre lobby:


This year there was so much going on in September (both in town, and for me personally) that I never got round to posting my harvest festival pictures back then. They came to mind now, however, when I was looking for something to post for Friday My Town Shoot Out.


The FMSTO theme this week is ‘Inside’, so I start with  some photos I took from the upstairs balcony of the theatre lobby (where I also found a quiet corner to enjoy my own piece of pie!) …




While we’re here, we might also take a peek into the Library, which I have to confess I find rather unpersonal these days:



I must confess I still feel a bit daunted by the ‘robot librarians’... Haven’t actually had much to do with them yet. I can browse the catalogue online from home, and then pick up vs leave borrowed books at a small branch library closer to where I live; where they still have human staff behind the counter. Or at least they did last time I visited! My reading habits have changed a bit over the last few years, with 1/ Kindle, and 2/ special (disability) license to download library ‘talking books’ directly online. This does not mean that I read less, but it means that I mostly read Swedish books ‘by ear’ (and some English ones too) and with my eyes in English on my Kindle (classics for free + buy some); and so do not really need to borrow a lot of regular books from the library any more…

141107-141113 UK John

(Postcard recently received from book-loving friend in England – thanks John, I do still love to look at printed books even if I prefer reading on the Kindle now for practical reasons!)


I’ll save the rest of my harvest festival photos for another post (or two), I think.

This November month has been all wrapped in grey clouds so far, and seems likely to continue the same way…


  1. I LOVE this postcard!! I think I remember this from last year, especially the free apple pie. I love the sculpture in the first picture. But you would never in your wildest dreams find me looking over a high balcony taking pictures...

  2. It's good to see it is all still happening.

  3. The postcard is fantastic!! Like you, I think I would not like the atmosphere at the "robotic" library very much; I was trained to be a Librarian, one of the type that TALKS to the people who come to the library and gets to know their reading habits over time, able to make a recommendation, and so on.
    It was fun to look at the first picture and recognize all the words on the facade of the Kulturhuset - they are so similar to the same words in German!
    I'd probably have mingled with the other visitors to eat my apple pie and would have started a conversation (probably about... apple pie!). Who are the people on the photos on the wall behind the apple-pie-eaters?

    1. If memory serves me right, Meike, I think those portraits on the wall are of actors who have been employed by our town theatre.

  4. The Annual Harvest Festival looks like so much get the chance to see everyone who lives in the town out for a day of fun.
    The band reminded me of an old rock and roll band where the members are still making great music.
    That's a beautiful postcard from John....he truly has the knack for choosing just the right card.
    Loved the sculpture on the outside of the Cultural Centre.

  5. I don't much care for my local library, can't really say way as the staff is always friendly and accommodating. I visit it once a year when I have to go in and prove I'm still me so that I can check out e-books online.

  6. that library post card is gorgeous. and the sculpture is amazing. as is all your town sculpture... it is a nice library and i agree it is a little cold or unfriendly looking and i am not a fan of the robot librarian . our library is closing for 8 weeks and if i were not using my kindle i would have to drive to one of the others that are further away....

  7. Wonderfull house kulturel centum, festival and church,Greeting from Belgium


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