Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Lights are ON

Yesterday, after a foggy frosty morning…


… we had a rare visit from the SUN, which has otherwise stayed well hidden during November.


So I went for a walk downtown.





These photos were taken around 10:40 am, so as you can see, the sun does not rise very high over the horizon now, even when it does show its face.

If you’re wondering what that round structure is, it’s a new building they’re working on in the Town Park. When finished, it’s supposed to be an Orangery with an all-year-round café (to replace the summers-only outdoors café that was there before).

In the late afternoon, I went back into town again, for the town’s official Tree Lighting Ceremony. This is not just about the Christmas Tree in the main square, but a number of trees in the park are lit up too.

… Approaching town …


A procession with torchlights and brass music starts from one of the bridges connecting the park and the town centre.

Drumroll… Tada! Everybody together now: Awww…


And on we march, along the river and towards the main square.











When I walked back home afterwards, around 5 pm, I got another view of the lit up trees in the park, and their reflections in the river.


All in all a great start to getting into the “Christmas spirit” for all of us who appreciate that (even if today the weather is back to grey and wet again).

Myself I also used the sunny day yesterday to get my own chain of Christmas lights up on the balcony.


Next Sunday is 1st Advent Sunday, so in the week to come, I’ll also start putting up my other traditional decorations indoors.

Weekend Reflections


  1. A great set Monica. I like looking at dusk pictures but rarely take them.

  2. the town lights are gorgeous and would love to see them, your photos did great in the low light. those man made lights can not compare to the God made light of the sun, the two reflections photos are AWESOME and stunning...

  3. I really like your town, Monica, and always appreciate being taken along for such events!
    Our Christmas market starts on Tuesday, and my sister and I have already agreed on going there together for the opening night.
    At home, I'll only start putting up things next week Saturday, so as to be ready for the 1st Advent Sunday.

  4. The lack of daylight is made up by the wonderful night lights and decorations. The town transforms in the night. Gorgeous reflections as well.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. I love that you are taking us with you the same way you came, so we can see the trip just as you did. Picture 10 took my breath away, as did the same close up later on. BEAUTIFUL. Your first few pictures are also brilliant and glorious, especially three and four. The fog is great too, and we get to see it clear as the post goes on. To me, this is you at your best. I get to see your town from several perspectives and in different weather, ending with a huge jolt of beauty. Totally an awesome and enjoyable Sunday post!!!

  6. love the ones reflected in the river

  7. Excellent photos. And dark at five o'clock! Here it is now quite hot and it is lovely to go for a walk in the cool of the evening. What a contrast. I like that idea of the public parade for the tree lighting ceremony. Such a big crowd and wonderful community spirit.

  8. The phjotos are gorgeous... and the reflection in the river ir tremendous...

  9. What a beautiful set of photos and I'm sure there are bits of the town I've not seen before although many are familiar. I love the idea of an Orangery open all year for coffee. A sort of my The Woodlands equivalent.

  10. Awww how beautiful...I loved the reflection of the lit trees in the water....just beautiful.

  11. Thanks for the tour, dear ! It is a true pleasure to discovery this city in your compagny, with all those beautiful night & day reflections...

  12. Thanks all for your comments! :) I've read and appreciated them all as they dropped in, even if it's taken me until now to get round to confirming it!

  13. I never tire of looking at your town but it looks particularly beautiful in this post. The lights and reflections are lovely.


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