Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hello, December!


Time to get busy with Christmas cards again!

I managed to restrain myself from buying yet more cards – knowing that I had plenty of them at home already.

So I only bought like a gazillion more rolls of washi tape and stickers; because you can never get enough of those, can you? 




  1. I have written my first batch of Christmas cards yesterday, but have now completely exhausted last year's stock and need to buy more before I can write the rest.
    Paper and ribbons I have plenty, stickers are something I somehow never use, although I do like them.

    1. Meike, stickers are the Old World emojis... :) Long before the internet, I enjoyed using stickers to decorate letters to my penfriends. Still do! although most of my correspondence nowadays has switched to emails and social media. Postcrossing, birthdays and Christmas still give me an excuse now and then to buy stickers, though... (And washi tape!)

  2. Well I now know what washi tape is. I'd never heard the expression. Cards. Oh yes. I'd better get writing too.

    1. ... So now you will know what it is when you see it, Graham! :)

  3. HI, I am back from google search, had to pop over to find out what washi tape is, and now I know. good girl on not buying more cards.. now I know when the letters wear off the compuer keyboard I can use washi tape

  4. Let the crafting begin! Your cards are wonderful! And you can work right underneath the stars!


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