Sunday, 10 March 2019

Book Review: The Stone Circle

The Stone Circle 

(Ruth Galloway Mysteries #11) 

By Elly Griffiths (2019)

This is one of my absolute favourite crime series from recent years, about the forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway in Norfolk. After an excursion to Italy in book 10 (The Dark Angel), we're now back on familiar ground at the seaside and marshland of Norfolk. In fact, the 11th book is paying very deliberate homage to the first book of the series (The Crossing Places), by returning to the same settings. Ruth and DCI Nelson are both receiving anonymous letters, reminding them of similar letters that were written back in connection with the very first investigation they were involved in together. But the author can't be the same, as that person is no longer alive... None the less, the past seems to be haunting or catching up with everyone in this book; in more ways than one.

I was lucky to find this book available just in time for a rainy and windy weekend, perfect for letting oneself just stay in and get lost in (more or less) non-stop reading of a book of this kind.

All the references to the past in this book also teased my memory enough to want to go back and reread The Crossing Places as well... Because as usual, I tend to remember the background settings and recurring characters of a series a lot better than the details of each individual mystery, after a while. So I've just got started on rereading the first book now... Even though I also have another new Elly Griffiths book waiting, which does not belong in this series!


  1. I enjoy Elly Griffiths' books and have read all of them except this one. Looking forward to finding it at the library. I read so many books the library is a lifesaver for my budget!

    1. Joyce, I have used the library a lot through my life - primarily for books in Swedish. But my possibilities to find/buy books in English opened up a lot since I got my Kindle (some 7-8 years ago, I think it was). My eyes also prefer reading on the kindle these days - even if I do also now and then read some printed ones in between.

  2. This sounds like a good read...I think I may have to look into the series.

    1. I'd recommend starting with the first in the series, The Crossing Places. I'm sure each book can also be read and enjoyed as stand-alone, but reading them in order probably makes it easier to grasp the developments in relationships etc between the background characters.

  3. Hi DawnTreader, An interesting post indeed. It has been a while since I stopped by and I see that you are still publishing an excellent blog. Thank you for sharing and for your kind comments on my blog. Have a happy weekend ahead! John


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