Sunday, 10 November 2019

Light in the Dark

 Recent postcrossing card from Taiwan

We're 1/3 into November - how did that happen?! I feel like I've kind of gone into half-hibernation already... The weather has been gray, wet and chilly; and it is pitch-dark outside already by 5 pm now. I do try to go out for a daily walk in the daylight most days; but there is not much to tempt the camera just now, with the autumn leaves having dropped to the ground. 

Indoors, I wrap myself up in extra sweaters and blankets and tend to spend a lot of my time reading or watching TV-series. (Just started re-binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix when there's nothing else on... Still one of my favourites ever!)

I'll try to sum up my recent reading in a separate post - I just wanted to put something quick in to show I'm still alive... (And book reviews tend to always take a lot longer to write than I intended!)

Yesterday, after a late breakfast/brunch (I woke up too early first time and then went back to sleep...), I walked into town and payed a short visit to an exhibition at an art gallery. It was the second last day, so I knew this was my last chance!

The artist is Swedish sculptor (I think from this area): Lars-Åke Åberg. I have seen single pieces of his before, but never so many together. His specialty is little houses, cut from marble or other kinds of stone. Sometimes precariously balancing on top of a steep "cliff".

The gallery is situated in a charming old wooden building.

With some displays he used mirrors for interesting effects.

(Photos taken with my mobile.)


  1. hummmm I am thinking interesting is a good word, I can quite say it's beautiful or that I love them but I do like the use of the mirrors. and it does take talent to create it. even the white in the corner mirror is all tiny houses.. hummmm

  2. Sandra, I always feel I want to touch them - but of course at an exhibition like this one doesn't... ;) There is also a big outdoors sculpture by him in the city, I probably have photos of that but don't know where (my photos sorted by date). Must try to remember to take another one next time I pass by there in good photo light...

  3. These are interesting; I've never seen anything like them. Your days sound like ours! Dark by 5:00, cold to the bone, dreary.

  4. Definitely unique pieces of art. Like you, I want to touch them.
    Yes, the early darkness makes me want to take advantage of every hour of daylight we still get. But it is the winter solstice in less than 6 weeks!


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