Sunday, 22 November 2020

Weekend Reflections

On Friday we had a rare day of November sunshine and blue sky, and I decided to make use of it to go for a walk. As I also needed some things from a chemist's, I walked into the city centre, before noon. It did seem that people have got the message from the latest restrictions as there were very few people about. And a small chemist's shop I passed was all empty of other customers, so I had no problem getting my errand done. Before walking back, I made an extra turn to the main square for a quick check on things.


A few market stalls have been put up wide apart, but I think it's been arranged so that different businesses will take turns being there. (An attempt to keep business going in the city without gathering too many customers all at once.)

Santa's labyrinth. (There's a letterbox for wish-lists in the middle.) Not sure it's the best idea this year to risk getting trapped in a labyrinth of any kind! On this occasion it seemed all empty, but I stayed on the outside all the same...

And the big 'mistletoe' on the bridge had been put up as well. What where they thinking, and what would the Health Agency say about it?! (The couple in the picture did not stop under it, though.)

It was a good day to stop here and there for reflections and photography, though!


  1. Glad you got to go out again and wander around and get some more beautiful photos to show us. I just love that building with the mural on it. And I'm glad to see that some of the little buildings are set up for sales but it's very sad that they can't all be together like they were

  2. Your reflection shots are beautiful. And the large bay window is so lovely and unusual. You never see this kind of window on a large office-type building. I was thinking Oh No, I will really miss the Christmas Marketplace. But I see people are putting up some stands already! so maybe it will just be smaller.

  3. Nice walking around town with you, as always!
    No stalls here this year... it's all been cancelled completely. And I must admit I prefer to have no Christmas Market at all rather than a strangely sterile, reduced type. Of course I understand about the businesses needing to keep at least some business going.

  4. mmmm churros! oh they are so good. We order them here from Pizza hut or Dominos.


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