Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Baby News


I spy, with my little eye… something moving behind the rhododendron bushes just outside my building…


Two little baby seagulls on a walkabout; with their parents anxiously keeping watch and yelling at them from up in the air above…


They’re so cute at this early age, aren’t they!

And, by the way, to keep you up to date with the Swedish Royal Family News (whether you’re interested or not): Yesterday, just two days after attending her brother’s wedding, the Swedish Princess Madeleine (married to British-American banker-businessman Christopher O’Neill) gave birth to a little baby prince:

(photo from the royal family’s website)

Update June 17:
The newborn prince’s name is Nicolas Paul Gustaf.

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  1. the little prince is adorable! for some reason, I had never pictured baby sea gulls and being so fluffy! thanks for sharing your pics.

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a baby seagull before, they're so fluffy and cute.

  3. Well babies all around. The little seagulls darling, and the little prince....precious.

  4. Years ago, I saw baby seagulls on the ruined walls of Scarborough castle. They were already a bit older than the ones you saw, but still very "baby-ish".

    The little boy somehow looks much more "grown up" than a newborn baby, but what do I know about babies :-) Just thnking about how exhausting it must have been for Princess Madeleine to attend such a big event during the very last stage of her pregancy!

  5. I have never seen baby seagulls before - and wouldn't expect them near human housings ... Thank you for the picture!

  6. the little prince is really beautiful, and those baby seagulls have a big grin on my face, they are sooooo adorable... i don't thinki have ever seen baby gulls before. love the speckles....

  7. I'm not sure I've seen them quite as young as this before either, but every summer we do have young seagulls "walking the streets" around here... before they learn to fly properly :) My guess is the parents of these two must have had their nest on the ground as these don't look ready to even attempt flying yet. There are quite a few bushes around and we're rather close to the river (for those who can fly!). The gulls aren't here in winter but come inland from the coast in spring.

    1. UPDATE: The name of the newborn prince is Nicolas Paul Gustaf.

  8. I can't recall seeing such young gulls either except through binoculars in the nest.


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