Sunday, 15 June 2014

Gasping for Water


It’s not been raining much lately. Nature in general is still looking fresh and green; but I noticed today that the water lilies in the river aren’t feeling too well:



  1. The water lilies have beached!! I hope they will puff out and be back to normal after it rains, or maybe it is too late?

  2. oh no, looks like you need rain and need it now. they are beautiful but will not be for long without water.

  3. I hope the rain comes soon for you to keep the water lilies alive.
    Here, we have not had a decent rainfall for about 15 weeks.....the worst drought in many years.

  4. Ouch, they look pretty dry and stranded

  5. Being used to drought conditions in New Zealand summers I never think of a lack of rain until the reservoirs start to run dry (the farmers seem constantly to be looking for water for the grass for stock anyway). As you can imagine that doesn't happen very often in the Western Isles of Scotland.

  6. A lovely scene - but poor water lilies! It's raining a lot here - wish I could send some over.

  7. We've had some rain showers today (Thursday) - perhaps not enough to fill up the river though.


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