Saturday, 28 June 2014

Wet Saturday Surprises (FMTSO)



… Ooops! … Winking smile
Water seems to be coming from all directions today!

Not to worry. Nothing sprung a leak. It’s a fountain.


On a hot day it looks quite refreshing.
On a wet day, however… Just weird!


Quite a few people did find it worth while going into town in the rain today, though.


One reason may have been that there was a Birthday Party going on in the main square – to celebrate the town’s 393rd birthday. We really don’t want to miss the opportunity of Free Cake, just because of a little rain!

2014-06-28 Borås 393 år

Even more weird stuff to wonder about:


Why has half the square been filled with sand, with terraces for spectators on each side?


And what on earth are they building here?

Having been born (I can only suppose) with a sports filter pre-installed in my brain, it has totally slipped me by until today, that next week (the whole week) Borås will be hosting the Swedish Championship in about 40 different types of sports (some of which I don’t even know what they are).

Apparently this was decided in June 2012.
Which just proves how very efficient my sports-filter is!

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  1. Is there one every year, and different cities host it? Will you go to any of the events? Do they mind people splashing in the fountains? I love the colorful boots and clothes in the first shot. The blue boots and the green slicker and boots.

    1. 1. Probably - I'm really not the right person to ask for details! .)
      2. Hmm... Probably not to follow a whole game of anything. But I suppose it might prove hard to avoid going into town altogether for a whole week!
      3. I think "they" would be utterly stupid to build a fountain of this kind and expect people not to play with it ;) Probably a bigger problem for parents of young children than for the town officials!

  2. A great look round. I suspect we may be in for some Beach Volleyball. Could you pop along and take plenty of pictures please.

    1. ps. The glass thing looks like a squash court.

    2. I think you're right about the squash, Adrian. I'd never have guessed it but squash is to be played in that place according to the program.

  3. I dare say the sand is for Beach Volleyball. Can't think of any other sports that would fit the description.

    Strange they let the fountain run on a rainy day. We have a similar fountain in the pedestrian zone of Ludwigsburg, very popular of course on a hot day, but I've never seen it on when it was a rainy day.

  4. No beach volleyball on the list, Adrian & Meike... It would also seem very illogical to me to have that game played in the main square when there are lakes near town. My first thought was boule, and that I did find on the list. Some branch of it anyway, to do with precision throwing. good luk to them, with all those puddles caused by the rain!

  5. Love your towns celebrations with free cake. I remember this from last year. It's really so much fun!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. still laughing, my sports filter does not exist... i do know once in a while because bob tells me.... i love all the umbrellas and colorful rain coats. i have never seen a rain coat here in the 30 years except for the school crossing guards and cops writing tickets... and umbrellas are rare to so i love seeing these... great shots as always

  7. I love that unusual fountain! With their wellies on, I thought perhaps you were getting some of the rain that inundated our midwest, so much that there's lots of flooding, especiall in Minnesota.

    1. The early summer until now has actually been rather dry around here, Norma. But yesterday we did get quite a downpour, and then the ground, in spite of needing it, obviously had difficulty "swallowing" all the water at once :)

  8. There's always something happening in your town, isn't there? I remember the birthday cake from last year. Just as well the people come out to celebrate the birthday in all weathers. The town will be really buzzing when you have that sports tournament. No doubt you will take some interesting photos for our enjoyment.

  9. The celebration must be a lot of fun for people to come out despite the rain. Your town will be really fun to visit when the Championship takes place.

  10. I love those fountains that come out of the pavement. It's great to see children seeing if they can avoid getting soaked when they give a sudden spurt. I tried it in Switzerland where I knew I'd just be regarded as a mad Englishman (regardless of my actual nationality). I remained dry and I think a lot of people were disappointed. I did get a round of applause though.


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