Friday, 18 July 2014

Vacation (FMTSO)

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Summer vacations 
“How do you spend your vacation?”

vacation n
- a period in which a break is taken from work or studies for rest, travel, or recreation
- the act of departing from or abandoning property, etc

This summer I’m going for the second definition…

The House (my parents’ old place) has at last been emptied – or nearly. We finally hired someone a couple of months ago to do the rest of the job.

My dad’s former study three years ago:


Last week, all that remained in that room was:


And by now, those pieces of heavy furniture should be gone also, and the rest of the house be empty too; apart from a few basic necessities that we decided must remain until the place is finally sold. A kitchen table with two chairs, a bed, a  couple of sunchairs, and a few kitchen utensils – that sort of thing. Just enough for my brother and his dog to “camp” there a few nights (they’ll be coming down next week), and for me to go out there for the day now and then, while we get “the rest” organised – like contact with cleaners, estate agent, prospective buyers, various necessary inspections etc. How long it will all take remains to be seen. Wish us luck!


  1. I iwsh you lots of luck and I liked seeing the progression. A lot of work has been done so far!

  2. It has gotten quite far along, and i hope it sells quickly and for the price you want. Who wouldn't want such a house?

  3. i do wish you much good luck in the sale and i know it is hard to see it like this. it is bright and nice inside which should help with the sale..

  4. I think I heard your sigh of relief now that most of the stuff is cleared away. I hope that a good buyer comes along soon to love and treasure it just like your parents did.

  5. That's a lot of work. Do you feel a little sad looking at your dad's room? Or perhaps it is a huge relief. Good luck with the process.

  6. I imagine it is a mixture of sadness and relief that you feel now. From your former posts about the house I remember having thought that it will certainly soon find a buyer, and I still think that. Eventually, new people will bring new stuff in, and new life will be lived in those walls.

  7. Well done so far, lots of hard work
    in the house and in your souls, I suppose.
    Good luck to bring it to a perfect outcoming!

  8. That's a lot of hard work been done. Good luck with the final arrangements and let's hope for a quick sale.

  9. It's hard clearing out a house when you don't live right by it. My sister-in-law is having to deal with this and it's really wearing her down. Hope you get it all taken care of soon.

  10. P.S. the yellow looks like fresh paint. I would love to have my office in this big sunny room.

  11. Good luck! That was a lot of cleaning out to do.

  12. Sad but essentially a satisfying thing to get everything clear.

  13. Thanks to all for your comments. There are inevitably some mixed feelings involved, but on the whole mostly relief now to see the house finally emptied, and still having some time to inspect it ourselves at that stage, before selling. The sunny summer weather this week helps too as we've been able to spend most of this week outdoors, rather than indoors in the empty rooms.


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