Saturday, 13 December 2014

After the Storm


Actually I doubt the storm Alexander ever reached storm force here in the inland area where I live. If it did, I slept through it. It did snow last night, and there was a bit of icy slush left on the ground this morning; but that thawed away later, and in the afternoon the sun actually broke through the clouds for a while (before yawning and going back to bed). Long enough for me to get out for a walk into town to post the rest of my Christmas cards.


SkyWatch Friday

Weekend Reflections
Oops, it seems I was too late to post my link on Weekend Reflections. Well, never mind…


  1. Both pictures have their own beauty.The cloud reflections in the water for the first one, and the light behind the clouds in the next one. I'm glad you are O.K.!

  2. just beautiful, the reflection in the water - almost like an impressionist painting.

  3. i agree with Ginny, both are beautiful and different. i like the lamp post in the second one and the tree limbs against the sky. the first one looks like a place of magic

  4. Good to see it passed you by. I think you may have another one on the way it's very windy here again.

  5. Wow - what fabulous shots!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! You know how much I love sky pictures!
    It was very, very windy here on Friday, but not strong enough to be called a storm. We had a few sunny spells then, but now we are back to grey, dull, very mild and wet.

  7. love the reflection..nothing beats the clear blue sky beautifully displayed on the water..nice..

  8. I loved the atmosphere of your photos.


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