Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Balcony Life

2016-05-11 me, home, balcony1
My faithful Clematis Alpina.
(Two plants blending together on the trellis on my balcony.)

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  1. They are just gorgeous!!! We have never had any luck with them. How wonderful to sit outside beside these blue beauties.

  2. Very pretty. What a contrast against the very cold snowy weather you had just a few months ago. Variety is the spice of Life.

  3. I like climbing plants, and your clematis is thriving! Do you just provide water, or have a little chat with it every day? :-)

    1. Meike, I do go out and check on them most days (and ask if they want water). They also get some nutrition sticks in the pot sometimes. Last year I cut off most of the seedheads before those grew too mature; and I think that may have paid off. Over winter I try to protect them best I can with some extra isolation around the pots + fibrous tissue over the branches.

  4. It looks beautiful against the brick wall

  5. wow, they are so beautiful together on that trellis... i like the closeup shots to

  6. I love that vine. so pretty. at the other place I lived I had a variety of them. need to plant them again.


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