Friday, 16 December 2016

Postcards for the Weekend – Holidays

A variety of Season’s Greetings have already dropped in:

161122 MY-347907
From Malaysia (MY-347907)

I’m rather fascinated by the fact that even cards from countries with a tropical climate tend to include snow in the picture!

  Christmas Greetings 1908
From the Netherlands (NL-3650934)

161215 NL-3661318
From the Netherlands (NL-3661318)

161216 DE-5803353
From Germany (DE-5803353)
“Alle Jahre wieder” – “Every year (again)”

When I looked up the phrase I found that the words belong in a German Christmas carol (which I don’t think I ever heard before).

Alle Jahre wieder / kommt das Christuskind
/ auf die Erde nieder, / wo wir Menschen sind
~ ~ ~
Every year again / Comes the Christ Child
Down to earth / Where we humans are.

(Written in 1837 by Johann Wilhelm Hey; see Wikipedia.)


The Scene at the Manger
From England


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  1. A very nice assortment! Here, I could not find any Christmas postcards. So that is why I sent you a regular card. My very favorite is the last one from England, it is beautiful! It is such fun to see your postcards each week, and see what other countries are doing!

  2. they are all so pretty, I love the words to the German carol.. so beautiful... I have noticed that about snow also. here it is like summer and it never snows but the decorations are all wearing mittens and snowmen

  3. What fun to get cards from around the world.

  4. The Malaysian card looks almost Japanese, it is very kawaii (cute). The other cards are great, both the old fashioned ones, and the modern ones. Glad you posted them!

  5. Very different postcards, all of them nice!

  6. "Alle Jahre wieder" is one of the Christmas songs I know and remember since earliest childhood. When we were young, my sister and I learned to play it four-handed on the piano. We loved to play and sing, but hated it when the family expected us to perform on Christmas Eve. These days I regret that we do not sing more as a family.

  7. Hi Monica, I had the same thought as Helen, the MY card is kawaii and at first I thought it's from Japan. For tropical countries like us, snow is associated with Christmas. It belongs to that wonder of Christmas in our mind, same category as Santa Claus perhaps -- specially to us who haven't experienced snow.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments! Helen & Maria, I had the same thought about the MY card - and for all I know it may have been printed in Japan, even if sent from Malysia. The only print on the back is three little signs at the bottom that could well be Japanese. There is no printed text in our alphabet, and the sender does not comment on the image.


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