Friday, December 15, 2017

Weekend Reflection


A photo from 4th December. I haven’t been out much this week since Monday. The weather has been less photogenic since then! Still some snow on the ground, but mostly slush on the roads. And none of the white stuff left on the trees at the moment. (That could all change again over night, though. One never knows!)


  1. I like the colours of the water.

  2. Great reflection! Even if the day is dreary. Stay in and safe!

  3. Winter light has something special, doesn't it?
    Same here about the snow, none left, but there is some forecast for this weekend. I just hope it won't affect my train trips to and from O.K.'s.

  4. This is an enchanting winter scene!

  5. We had snow too, it was momentarily beautiful and then it all turned to muddy slush and ice



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