Thursday, 9 August 2018

Kosta Boda Glassworks & Art Gallery

Road Trip 2018, Part 6


From Växjö we went on to Kosta Glasbruk, the oldest, largest and most famous glassworks in Sweden. It was founded in 1742 by two foreign officers in king Charles XII's army, and the name of the place is actually made up of parts of both their surnames, Ko(skull) + Sta(el). Many more glassworks were also founded in the surrounding area, which has become known as the "Kingdom of Crystal".

During the first 150 years, Kosta produced standard glassware, such as drinking glasses, bottles or window glass. Later they became known for employing creative glass designers as well as skillful glassblowers. Together, they develop new techniques and improve existing procedures. Nowadays Kosta has merged with Boda glassworks, and is still producing various kinds of both utility and art glassware.

Today, the premises surrounding the glassworks has grown into a gigantic shopping mall including all kinds of retail outlet stores – not only glassware, but for example clothes as well. The glassworks is also open to visitors. You can observe glassblowers at work or participate in a guided tour; but we did not do that on this occasion. For one thing, the day was hot enough anyway (!) - and we also knew we were going to have more opportunities like that at other glassworks on our trip.

As it was lunchtime when we arrived, we started with lunch at the Outlet restaurant (…not at the luxurious spa hotel which can also be found within the premises…) After that we focused on the Kosta Boda Art Gallery, where a number of very impressive artworks made of glass are displayed – and, before we left, also a visit to the glassware retail outlet.












DSC03786 DSC03789


2018-07-17-2 Kosta Boda


So many wonderful things to see, and so many names to forget…! But some of the artists whose impressive work we had recently seen in Växjö Cathedral and the Swedish Glass Museum were represented here as well – like Bertil Vallien (above) and Ulrica Hydman-Vallien (below).



As souvenir from this glassworks I chose to buy six ordinary, clear drinking glasses, though – because I needed some, and I liked them, and they’re something I can use every day!



Note: Bruk in Swedish can mean either ‘works’ (factory) or ‘use’


  1. You chose well - something for everyday use that you needed anyway, and that will keep reminding you of your trip.
    There really are some great works of art there! I like the jellyfish, at first I thought they were lampshades.

    1. We saw such a lot of wonderful glass art on this trip... Even if one can't quite take it all in, and photos don't really do justice to it all, it's still a joy to look back at those now and refresh my memories :)

  2. What a fantastic post! There is so much variety here. I have never seen glass displays outside! I love the lantern ones. The blue and green drops are beautiful, and it looks like there may be a fish in each one. I love seeing YOU! The blue wall is a beautiful backdrop for a photo. Some things are so whimsical and fun! Like the glass venetion blinds, and row of bottles. I love the clear cubes with branches and things inside.

    1. I'm sure you'd love visiting this art gallery, Ginny... I thought of you when I saw the glass balloons! - 6th photo and 13th.

  3. I see a lot of gorgeous glassware, love the balloons outside in the glass box and the crazy leaning bottles.

  4. Well that was feast for the senses but for some reason I'm not quite sure of the two-part screen in photo 7 is my favourite.

  5. This is bizarre. I definitely recall commenting on this post and I can even remember saying how much I liked the two panels in photo 7 and wondering if you would count the initial photo when counting the seventh.

  6. Sorry Graham, somehow email notifications of your comments must have gone astray, as I only just now found a whole bunch of pending comments from you when I went to check out something else (spam) on my Blogger page!


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