Saturday, 27 April 2019


After a very dry and sunny April here, we at last got some rain this weekend. I don't think I was the only one longing for it... It really has been worryingly dry the past few weeks, with several big fires in our area already - reminding us of the unnaturally hot and dry summer of last year (with no rain for months, and several big fires all over the country), and stirring some fear of repetition. 

Not possible to tell yet, of course, what the summer ahead may actually be like. But as far as I'm concerned, just now I think I can endure one or two more days of rain before I start complaining too much about that! ;)

Last night we had both thunder and rain. (The thunder came as a bit of a scare - being rather unusual for this time of year!) This morning when I got up, it was just cloudy to begin with. I walked into town around 11 am, and then it was not raining, just cloudy. But the sky was growing darker, and some drops of rain started to fall as I reached the center. I had an umbrella, but decided to take the bus back after I had made my purchases. While waiting for the bus, I took three photos with my phone, looking across the river to the park, where the trees are now turning greener by the hour...

When I got back home, Google Photo had a surprise waiting for me: It had amused itself by editing all three photos together into a panorama view. I hadn't even taken the photos in the right order; but it figured that out, too...

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  1. Wow, they are really lovely! A super wide angle. I especially like the first one.

    1. Ginny the panorama at the top was (automatically) made from the three photos below. One of the many mysteries of modern technology!

  2. My camera on the iphone has a panorama option, but I rarely use it. Google will do this if you allow it to track your location (something I only activate on my running app, not generally), I think.
    Like you, we had some very dry weeks and finally a little - although nowhere near enough - rain the last two days. Today, the sun is back. It is chilly right now but looks like it could be warming up during the day.
    As for a repetition of the extremely hot and dry summer of last year, climate experts have been saying we are to expect this more and more often now...

    1. Meike, when I'm out and about I don't usually have mobile data enabled (only turn it on briefly if I need to check something). So the app wouldn't have had access to my photos until I was back home on WiFi again. I also don't use automatic location tagging. But of course the photos do overlap and were taken only seconds apart. Obviously enough for the app to make the connection! ...

  3. the panorama must be something new, I had the same thing happen a few days ago, got an email from Google that said here is your panorama. remember the doctor office that the ceilings were 2 feet high? it put that whole room in order and made it a panorama which is slightly scary to me..... the view is magnificent, all of these photos are beautiful and we to are not having normal weather.


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