Monday, 29 April 2019

Panorama 2

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how Google Photo surprised me with automatically turning some of my photos (taken with my mobile) into a panorama.

Today, I decided to put it to the test if the same thing would happen again if I deliberately took three overlapping photos in different directions from the same spot.

 Looking along a side street to the right.

  Looking straight along the row of houses ahead of me.

Turning a little to the left to also catch the school buildings on the opposite side of the street ahead.

And voilà... Not long after I got back home, and my phone was back on WiFi, Google again laid the puzzle (quite automatically), and made this panorama view for me:

This is from a part of town where I don't walk very often, and had not really intended to go today either. My plan was to buy some geraniums for my balcony, and for that purpose I took a bus to (the neighbourhood of) a certain garden center across town. After I had bought my four pots of flowers, instead of waiting for a bus back, I decided to try a path I spotted that seemed to lead in the right direction, through an underpass under a road and railway. It soon proved to be (as I hoped) a convenient shortcut to more familiar surroundings.

Here are some more photos I took along the way:

  A mural at what I assume must be a school.

  Large tenement buildings from the 1960s or 70s. 

This is a part of town that is some ways a weird mix of old and 'new', and nowadays predominantly inhabited by people from "all over the world". (Africa, Middle East, Asia... And a lot of muslims, judging by the dress code.)

There are some quite charming older tenement buildings too, though - looking especially pretty on a sunny spring day like this.

Some areas along the railway seem just to be waiting (still) for decisions about future plans for the railway.

The railway station. I think you probably have to buy your tickets online these days, though! (It's been so long since I last went anywhere by train that I'm not even keeping up any more with how to go about it... It might have changed next week anyway!)

The geraniums that accompanied me on my walk!


  1. so glad you took the short cut home and found all these amazing buildings. I spent an hour trying to find a way to create the panorama in google photos. if they can do it, we should be able to. now I will have to go outside and try it with my phone and see what happens... love all the pics.. and your flowers

    1. Sandra, I don't think I have actively used Google Photos for any kind of editing myself... It keeps playing around with my (phone) photos all on its own and just sends me the results now and then (to accept or discard!) ... On the computer, I normally use Picasa (still the same as I first got used to when I started blogging). And for manual editing on the phone (for example to make collages for FB or Messenger), I use another simple editing app included in my album there.

    2. Most editing software can stitch panoramas. I use Photoshop but in the old days it was a palaver, now it is virtually automatic.
      Google did a good job.

  2. The railway station looks a bit like a castle! It is really lovely. I had been wondering how on earth you could do this walking with four pots of I see how! It looks like a beautiful day and your flowers are gorgeous. Next is to see them on your balcony!

    1. Ginny, yes, the railway station is rather grand - from 1894, and now listed as a 'notable building' I think (i.e. to be protected as cultural heritage)

  3. Your town is the capital,of murals! I am especially intrigued by the picture of the 'waiting' area and hope good decisions will be made about it.
    In Germany, apart from buying tickets online, we still have manned ticket offices at the larger stations and ticket machines at smaller ones. Not absolutel everybody has internet access, and so the railway companies have to provide various ways for booking.

    1. Meike, discussions about upgrading our railways (nation-wide) have been going on for years, but recently the biggest decisions (involving high-speed trains and a completely new railway section) have again been put on hold. Meanwhile, it's still rather difficult for our city to go ahead with other plans for the areas that may be involved if they do decide to add a new railway to the ones that already meet here, or double tracks where now there are just single ones, etc.

      About the tickets, there may well be ticket machines for some distances, and on some trains I think you pay aboard the train. There is also a travel info office, although not located in the old station house but in another building nearby. I suspect they only sell tickets for the regional traffic - but they can probably provide info about more. I just haven't had any reason to ask, lately! ;)

  4. Well that was a fascinating wander around bits of the town I don't recall (and may never have seen before). I don't use Google Photos despite Google constantly asking me to. Perhaps I'll try it to see what they do with a panorama.


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