Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The First Day

First Day
From Borås to Båstad/Ö.Karup

The nearest seaside resort to Borås is Varberg, 90 km away; in the province of Halland (Sweden). In Varberg you'll find both rocky beaches (which continue north into Bohuslän) and sandy ones (predominant in the south). Varberg has been a popular seaside resort ever since the early 1800s. It also has an old fortress, dating back to the 1280s; nowadays housing a historical museum, restaurant/café and a hostel. We've been to Varberg before, but it's always nice to get back there in summer. On this trip it was both our first stop (Monday, for lunch), and the last (Saturday pm, for tea/coffee).

View from the fortress
The fortress in the background
Falkenberg is also a popular tourist destination in the summers -
a nice little town, with a long sandy beach to the south. My original plan was to skip this town on the way down (but maybe stop there on the way back). However, a warning light on the car's dashboard brought us there anyway, to get that checked out at a garage. (Turned out not to be anything serious, and caused us no further trouble the rest of the trip.) And then, when trying to get out on the motorway again, we very nearly got stuck in a complicated traffic jam (caused by an accident on the motorway, we found out later)... Per managed to somehow maneuver us out of it, though; and found another road to take us in the right direction. But as Falkenberg seemed so insistent on keeping us there, we decided we might as well drive into the city for a look around and some tea/coffee first, before we continued our journey. We wandered some streets up and down before finding a café; but I seem not to have taken any  photos - probably still a bit shaken by the car/traffic incidents!

Unplanned visit

Intricate traffic jam
When we finally got out of Falkenberg, we drove pretty much straight on to our hotel/motel at Östra Karup on Hallandsås (a ridge on the border between the provinces Halland and Skåne).

Having checked in and rested for a little while, we drove to the nearby seaside town Båstad, and ended up having a nice and relaxed evening in the harbour there. The first little eatery we happened to come across also turned out to be having a country & western troubadour evening, starting just as we arrived - and comfortable seats in a tent providing shelter from the wind... So we sat there for an hour or so; and then went for a nice stroll along the harbour before we returned to the hotel.


  1. I love the last picture of the boats. And the beach is so scenic and pretty. What a good kind of vacation! Just take your time and do whatever you want, no rushing around. This way, you do not come home exhausted. Glad your car did not have anything serious wrong!

  2. What a great start to your holiday (minus the accident and traffic jam). I'm glad whatever it was that make your car go on alert was obviously a minor problem and did not spoil your holiday.
    I wonder what it is about the atmosphere at a small (non-commercial freight) harbour that makes it so relaxing, but it is always lovely!

  3. my eyes went straight to that candle holder in the middle of the table in photo 6 and the others in number 6... all those sights and I focus on a candle holder. you look great and it all looks amazing to me. glad the dash board was nothing much and you by passed that traffic accident

  4. What an enjoyable end to the day even if there were some travel problems. Is Per's car a Kia Optima?

    1. Graham I think it is a Renault? But I could be wrong... (I'm hopeless when it comes to remembering makes of cars!)


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