Saturday, 30 May 2020

*Real* Shopping

... as opposed to a previous post on Pretend Shopping ...  ;-)

When going through my summer wardrobe recently, I did not feel any urgent need to go shopping for new summer clothes - which is just as well, considering the general circumstances just now. One accessory I still felt I really wanted was a new handbag/shoulder bag, though. (As one or two attentive readers might remember, I did have a peek at one such market stall last weekend but did not find any there that matched what I was looking for.) Yesterday, I tried my luck at a small shop in the city centre that sells bags (and only bags). The door was open, no other customers inside, and I found what I was looking for immediately - the right shape and size, weatherproof, and in a nice blue colour. The purchase took only a minute or two - my favourite kind of shopping just now. And it was on sale (25% off)!

Today, while pleased with the new shoulder bag, I realised that I also really could do with a new 'belt bag' (fanny pack or bum bag or whatever you call it)... I recalled that I had seen one of those in the shop yesterday as well, in the same colour and brand as the handbag. So I went back today and bought that one as well. 



  1. I am jealous, and want to run right out and buy a new bag! We used to have a store that only sells bags, many decades ago. But I have not heard of any now. We call these Fanny Packs!

  2. Yes we call them bum bags here in NZ, fanny is um another kind of word lol

    1. Amy, it's tricky sometimes choosing the 'right' translation knowing my readers are spread out over the world. The Swedish word refers to the waist, but I can imagine that calling it 'waistbag' in English might not be the best choice...(waist/waste)... ;)


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