Saturday, 19 December 2020

Weekend Reflections - 4th Advent & Winter Solstice

December so far has been pretty much all grey and rainy here so far - but today, with the Winter Solstice only a couple of days away - the Sun decided to come out of hiding and show its face for a little while. (Sunrise here now is around 9 am and sunset 3:20 pm.) So I decided to take my camera for a walk downtown around noon. I stayed well away from the shops (and people) - the only thing I was after was the sunshine and some water reflections!


I have more photos from this walk, but it seems Blogger isn't in the mood to load images just now (awfully slow!) so I think I'll save the rest for another time and just try to see if I manage to post these for now.

Weekend Reflections


  1. I love the reflections, and this beautiful tall church spire.

  2. You did well in taking advantage of what little daylight and sun youncould catch! Here, sunrise is about an hour earlier and sunset an hour later than where you are, and that feels short enough already. I am sure I am not the only one looking forward to slowly lenghtening daylight again!

  3. blogger has been moody lately or maybe it is the internet bogged down from millions of people being on it because they are home instead of out. it is not just blogger that is slow for me. our sunrise is 7:15 set at 7:15, we get twice the sunlight. I had no idea there was that much difference in sunrises.

  4. walks along water surfaces are the best :-). nice reflections.

  5. Yes I've been finding some things in blogger aren't working too well right now. Have a good Christmas, stay safe.

  6. Hi Dawn Treader, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. John

  7. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all who commented here (and anyone else who may be reading) (I did read comments as they dropped in, on my phone, but wasn't logged in the right way to answer from there.)

  8. I'm catching up. I've no idea why but I have not been seeing your posts and just came searching when your latest post showed up in my Reading List. It's interesting to see the different views.

    1. Graham, I've not got round to posting very frequently lately, and I know that it's then also easy for others to miss noticing when I do (speaking from my own experience of following the blogs of others...)


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