Monday, 10 May 2021

Spring Has Sprung

Today, for the first time this season, the outdoors temperature rose above the indoors temperature (and it wasn't even very sunny). I saw the numbers on the thermometer, but my brain refused to take it in, and failed to translate the fact into what clothes might be suitable for a walk. Although I did choose a thinner jacket than my winter coat (which I still needed only a couple days ago), even that proved too warm.

I did not go very far; but soon noticed that I wasn't the only one surprised by the sudden change of temperature. These ladies, for example, were also obviously over-dressed...

A sea-gull swimming in the river seemed perfectly happy, though.


Some wood anemones still in bloom down by the riverside.

Daffodils in the old cemetery, doing their best to make up for being late... (We associate those with Easter here, the Swedish name for them is "pÄsklilja" = Easter lily.)

And in the little playground park close to where I live, the cherry blossoms are out.

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  1. The Cherry Blossoms are beautiful!!

  2. spring has Sprung! wow has it ever. Love those pink blossoms and the daffodils are gorgeous.

  3. All those blossoms, and the Osterglocken (Easter bells) - wonderful! They are all gone here now, but lasted longer than last year, when spring was very warm and dry in my area.

  4. You're a month at least behind us. I must admit that although I absolutely love May, I'm always sad when that early spring feeling goes, the feeling of everything opening up for the first time and colour starting to show. It is always a surprise, somehow.

  5. I guess that's one thing about Spring, it's so changeable, we are going through Autumn here so gradually getting colder.


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