Monday, 18 April 2022

Easter Weekend Walks

I haven't really "been anywhere" or done anything special for Easter - but the weather has been mostly sunny, and a bit of colour is beginning to come back into the world...

After lunch on Saturday, I walked into town and back, with my camera.

Scilla on a sunny slppe

Tussilago (Coltsfoot)

Pansies had been planted out in the park for Easter

Easter Tree in the main square

Various items on display outside a shop

Unauthorised graffiti rather than "art",
but still kind of hard not to smile back at...

Old stone cross with shadow in the old cemetery

Pansies near the chapel in the cemetery

In the afternoon of Easter Sunday, I went out without any special plan, but ended up taking a partly less familiar route - up a street over a hill and down on the other side. I hadn't brought my separate camera, but I had my phone...


A mural on a vacant demolition site. This is an "authorised" mural, painted at one of our art festivals some years ago - but back then, one had to enter an enclosed courtyard to see it. Now the old building that was facing the street has been torn down, giving a different setting to the artwork (plus some later graffiti added).

Walking back towards home along the river, I spotted a bird not usually seen there - an  oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus).  Or actually, two of them - as can be seen in the following photos. They are waders, and just now the water level in the river here is unusually low, after a long dry period with very little rain. Normally, they wouldn't be able to wade in this spot, I think! I regretted not having brought my proper camera, as in the glare of the sun, I couldn't really see the screen of my phone! But I snapped some random shots anyway, and they came out "ok".



  1. you and your phone did a super job in the glare. if the sun is out, I have to just hope I have what i want in the photo. yours are gorgeous. all the flowers are so pretty.. and you never run out of beauty on your walks to share with us. your town really has a lot talented people doing your murals

    1. Thanks Sandra. On my 'proper' camera I have a "pop-up" lens I can use instead of looking at the screen when I want to, that's why I prefer that to the phone... Sometimes I don't bother to bring the camera when I'm going out more for exercise or errands than for photos, though.

  2. They are all excellent photos. I particularly love the last one. Seeing what's on the screen in bright sunlight is always a problem and it's really a case of hit and miss, but yours have come out so well, and I would not have known you'd used your camera and phone.
    Your photos of the Easter tree in the main square brings back memories of how each house had a tree branch decorated with hand painted eggs and feathers, usually displayed on the porch.

    1. Thanks CG. My phone camera is good at 'wide views' but less good at zooming things in from a distance.

  3. The Oyster Catchers are quite a find! And your last photo looks like there are windows in the water. I don't remember ever knowing about Scilla, but they are beautiful. I LOVE this cart, it looks like it was made from a bicycle!!

    1. Ginny, I can only remember seeing oyster catchers around here once before, and that time it was when we had has so much rain that we had flooding rather than drought!

  4. Spring is wonderful, all the lovely colours start to show their faces, enjoy it

    1. Thanks Amy. Yes it's good to see some flowers again!

  5. You had fantastic blue sky and sunshine to bring out all those beautiful spring colours. From the shop display, I would go for the yellow mugs.
    To see Oyster catchers like that in the wild would be a rarity for me, too.


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