Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lady’s Smock/Cardamine Pratensis/Ängsbräsma


English: Lady’s Smock or Cuckoo Flower

Yesterday I saw a purple variety of this flower on Adrian’s blog; today when I went for a walk in my own neighbourhood I found lots of white ones (with just a hint of pink or purple).


Latin: Cardamine Pratensis (pratensis is Latin for ‘meadow’)

Now the question is if I shall have to get up and out for a walk very early tomorrow morning to check if it’s true (as Adrian claims) that the same flower really changes colour between morning and noon… (These photos from around 11 a.m., summer time.)


Swedish: Ängsbräsma, ängskrasse (‘äng’ is the Swedish word for ‘meadow’)

The Swedish Wikipedia article tells me there are different subspecies of it and they can be white or pink or pale violet in colour.


They don’t keep well when picked. I picked one anyway because I wanted a couple of photos against non-green background…



  1. They do Monica....they are nearly all white in the afternoon. Some with a touch of pink.

  2. really pretty and new to me, have never seen these. i like the details in their petals... waiting to see if you get them a different color.

  3. Oh Monica!!!!! I LOVE it!! I have never seen or heard of one. Are you going back to check out the color? YES!!! I would LOVE to see that. It must be the chameleon of flowers. You have really outdone yourself with these gorgeous shots. My two favorites, the first one because of the bug. But for sheer beauty, the third one, it needs to be on a magazine cover, you have outdone yourself. It may be my favorite flower picture you have ever posted.

  4. It was raining this morning and I'm not really an early bird by nature. So I did not get out until around 9.45. The flowers looked the same as yesterday, only wetter... I think maybe the magic colour-changing ones only grow in Scotland! ;)

  5. Love your little flower, even if it doesn't change color!

  6. Some superb exposures there Monica showing every little vein.


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