Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A Postcard


I keep receiving lots of lovely postcards through postcrossing. I’ve given up the ambition (actually I never really had it) to show every card on this blog – it’s too time-consuming. But I do want to share this one that dropped in today, from Germany:

“Gute Freunde sind Menschen bei denen man sich jederzeit wie zu Hause fühlt.”

“Good Friends are people with whom one always feels at home.”

It struck me that feel like that about a number of friends I’ve made through blogging too. Day or night, you are there for me! (It does not even matter if I drop in while you are asleep…)

♥ Thanks to you all for “being there”! :-) ♥


  1. Monica, your feelings about your blogging friends echo mine.

  2. ditto on the glad the bloggers are there and with all the different time zones we all live in there is almost always someone out there with us... that is a cool card

  3. This postcard is so creative and unique! Yes, blog friends are so special, and I get so sad when I see some of them leave blogging for Facebook! Why can't they do both?

  4. I know exactly the feeling you're talking about.....I love my blog family, and that includes you.
    Lovely postcard....thanks for sharing.


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