Wednesday, 20 November 2013



Today we had frost lasting throughout the day – first time this season, I think. The lawns and the roofs on the buildings I see from home remained frosty all day.


Between turns to the laundry room, I spent a bit of time (…brrr!…) putting up my ‘Christmas’ fairy lights outdoors on the balcony. A little early perhaps; but I like to get them up before 1st Advent (1½ week away), and I prefer to get the job done without stress – on a dry day, and before we (perhaps) get snow.

I’ll wait a few more days to switch them on…


(Yes, Sandra – it’s PicMonkey…)


  1. Your pictures are lovey winter time and most days, I'm thankful for Southern CA and today I'm in a sleeveless top...I know it's going to get cold...but not today.

  2. It's not yet quite as cold here as in Sweden, Monica, but we've had an awfully wet and cold day yesterday, my least favourite weather. Our Christmas market starts one week from now, and you're right, next week Sunday will be the 1st of Advent, which is when I'll get my Christmas decoration out.

  3. I KNEW IT I KNEW it.... lol and i love the PM and those frosty trees... so pretty. and the lights will cheer you up, i say turn them on now. we keep our fairy lights up and on all year round in my nook...

  4. The last picture is both effective and fun.


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