Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Getting Ready


The Town is getting ready for the 1st Advent weekend. In the fountain in the square, the water has been replaced with a winter decoration with a cascade of lights. Red wooden stalls are being put up for the Christmas market. And some of the trees in the Park are glowing in the dark as well:


I got my own electric candlesticks up from the storage room in the basement today… I’ll be putting them up (in my windows) tomorrow afternoon or on Friday.


  1. There is something quite wonderful and almost magical when the advent lights are lit. What a meaningful tradition. Blessing friend.

  2. i LOVE THAT TREE!!!! wow.. beautiful... I will be putting my little tree up tomorrow or Friday, can't wait to see the lights on it.

  3. So those are yellow lights in the fountain? I thought the water had been dyed yellow, it is SO beautiful!!!! And of course the stalls, I can't wait till you visit them and I hope you show us each one. We have NOTHING like this around here, your ton is always awesome. And the trees with the lights, so pretty.

  4. The lights in the tree are so beautiful! Looking forward to your posts with the town decorated in full swing.

  5. Ditto! The fountain looks wonderful, but the tree! Wow. Keep warm. Haven't bought my Christmas-themed fabric yet, have to wash the outside of the house first, and clean out the gutters, re-seal the skylights, sell the axolotyls, send off the calendars and cards....

  6. The tree does look lovely and brightens the place up a treat.

  7. The tree looks enchanted, and the fountain decoration is great, too. I'll be going to the Christmas market tonight after work, for the first - but certainly not the last! - time of this season.

  8. Christmas is definitely in the air.....and here too.
    I love the tree with its gazillion lights.....wonder how long it took them to get them strung? Love it a whole lot.


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