Saturday, 2 August 2014

Surprise (FMTSO)

Actually, it came as a bit of a surprise to me when this morning (Saturday) I looked up the FMTSO link-up page and realised that it was already time for the topic that I had myself recently suggested… I just wish I could remember what it was I had intended to post for that theme… The combination of summer heatwave, a study facing south + lots of documentation to be sorted for the sale of the house has not allowed much time for photo editing lately.

But one pleasant “surprise” recently was finding a quiet place of refuge from the heat to which I can easily escape for a while on a hot afternoon to sit in the shadow and read. It’s in the Remembrance Garden by the chapel in the old cemetery only 5 minutes walk from my home.




The little fountain in the pond provides a soothing sound of running water. And often this secluded place is quite empty except for a rabbits and birds (and me).

The first day I sat there I noticed that there were some flowers thrown on the ground, next to empty vases. I wondered who would do such a thing… But after sitting there for a while, I got the answer! I’ve not yet been able to catch evidence on camera, but it turns out that both magpies and hooded crows have figured out that the vases make very good drinking cups for birds their size. And if they find the flowers to be in the way, they simply pick those out and throw them on the ground!

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  1. that is a really beautiful spot to visit to sit and read or just enjoy.. to funny on the drinking ducks..

  2. It is a beautiful place, and i love the flagstones and the little fountain. But naughty birds. SMART birds to be sure though! How amazing! You have good detective skills...

  3. The ideal place to rest and read on a hot day, glad you found it!
    Magpies (and actually all of the crow family) are reputedly the smartest birds.

  4. Perfect spot to read!! Those are smart birds!

  5. That really was a lovely find and I can well see that I, too, might spend time there just reading and relaxing when it was so hot. Members of the crow family are rascals and very intelligent to the point, sometimes, of being a considerable nuisance.

  6. Peaceful.....I could relax and read a good book there too.


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