Friday, 15 August 2014

Empty Rooms (FMTSO)

2014-07-23 Rooms1
Downstairs living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen

It’s a strange feeling seeing The House all empty (or nearly so). Actually it’s never been all empty since my grandparents built it and moved in, way back in 1930! (While the extension was being added by my parents in 1992, the old rooms were still full of stuff.)

Because the house consists of one old part + one ‘new’, it has got quite a lot of quirks to it and often seems like somewhat of a labyrinth to a new visitor.

On the ground floor the ‘new’ part consists of entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen and living room; and the old part of two rooms (one of them former kitchen) + hall with stairs leading up (and down to the cellar behind a door).

2014-07-23 rooms2
Upstairs rooms + (bottom left) the old hall and glimpse of former kitchen downstairs

Upstairs there is a hall, a bedroom/study with two alcoves, and one room that was once upon a time a kitchen (originally, back in the 1930s, they were two families living in the house), then a bedroom, and now is really just an extension of the hall, leading on to the new part – which consists of one huge room that was my dad’s study (but could easily be turned into two smaller rooms) + one small room which was left undecorated and used for storage (but could be turned into another bedroom), in turn leading out to a balcony overlooking the back garden:

2014-07-23 rooms4

Then there is the old cellar with three old rooms which really can’t be used for much but storage of things not too precious (but my parents certainly managed to fill them, so maybe others will as well!), plus a new garage.

2014-07-23 rooms3

Indoors cleaners will be doing their job this weekend; then a professional photographer will do his/hers on Monday; and after that the estate agent will get on with the advertising etc.

We had every nook and cranny of the house inspected last week by a technical examiner, for insurance purposes and to be able to give proper information to prospective buyers. There are a number of things that should be seen to by the new owner, but nothing so serious that it would be impossible to move in first (especially if they don’t need all the rooms at once!).

So it will be interesting to see who will buy it: Either someone who wants a never-ending DIY project, or someone who can afford (and prefers) to get the house all done up and refurbished in their own style before they move in.

2014-00 Nysäter

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Rooms


  1. I really like the home, inside and out.. I am sure it is hard to see it completely empty and know it is going to be sold. In your photos it looks to me like it should be easy to sell... is your brother still staying there?

  2. Good luck with the sell, and I love the back garden. It's a very spacious home.
    Thanks for linking up with FMTSO.

  3. Empty rooms look can look sad - reminding one of the lives that once filled them - or hopeful, like a promise of things (and people) to come.
    The house is beautiful and to my unprofessional eyes does not look as if it needs much work at all. It should be snatched up in no time!

  4. It is truly awesome inside and out! Huge rooms, plenty of space, and surprises. Plus a nice and pretty plot of land. I like the style, too. I agree with Sandra, I think it should sell very fast. It would be a dream for a large family for sure. Only one thing I would change...I would put an island in the kitchen were the table is. Something sad about it sitting there totally empty, maybe you felt the same way.

  5. I don't think that I had appreciated how large it was from previous visits.

    1. It's hard to convey the size of the house in pictures, because on the outside it looks different from every angle, and on the inside it's a labyrinth of connected rooms. The living area is supposed to be 187 m2 (not including the cellar).

  6. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you that the "right" person will come along and breathe love into the house again.


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