Friday, 27 March 2015

FMTSO: Animals

Some photos of farm animals at our zoo, which I don’t think I got round to sharing back in the autumn.

(If you want to see more animals from the zoo in my town, just click on the ‘zoo’ tag below the post.)

No problem getting the “pet” animals to pose…
They are usually very obliging.


- Personally, I think this is my best side.


- Do I need to brush my hair?


- Lying down or standing? We can do both!


- Please excuse us if we don’t get up…


- I would offer you a drink too, but I’m afraid I’ve only got the one trough.


- We’re in training for laying Easter Eggs!


Friday My Town Shoot Out


  1. Great photos! I particularly like the sheep, who is showing us his best side. I have a (small) collection of sheep on my windowsill. For some reason, they always make me smile. xoxo

  2. I think the pot bellied pig is my favorite. That is a long tail for a pig! I love your comments, they really make the post!

  3. Beautiful pictures. .... love them all

  4. Oh I love your farm animals and the captions are perfect.

  5. i smiled all the way through the post and now i am leaving with a big grin on my face. love that speckled cow and that sweet pig has the longest legs i have ever seen on a pig.

  6. Am I missing something but isn't Easter a week away? I think the pig is absolutely lovely. I don't think I've ever said that about a pig before.

    1. I celebrate the Christian Easter. It starts on Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. The Christian Easter is preceded by Lent, when an effort is made to avoid excess and to change one's life for the better. Even though I am no longer a Christian I still keep some of the customs. Where I live we get two Easters some years because Orthodox Easter is often a week or two later.
      The shops celebrate Easter almost from the day after Christmas Day around here. Very commercial but pleasant.
      What type of Easter do you celebrate? Camping Easter? Chocolate Easter? Holiday Easter?

    2. I hate to be picky Louise but the Christian Easter in western Christianity starts with Easter Day. The run up to Easter is Holy Week culminating in Good Friday. When I did celebrate Easter I celebrated the Christian Easter and I find your sarcastic question mildly offensive because there is no other Easter outwith a Christian one. As for the commercialisation of Christian festivals of any sort I have no time for that at all.

    3. Graham, since I did not answer everyone's comments to this post individually, I decided to come back to your Easter remark in a separate post instead. Oops, it seems that might not be the best idea I ever had! ;) You are, of course, right. Easter is next weekend. Here in Sweden, however, if you asked some random persons on the street which week is "Easter week", my guess is that more people (myself included) would say the week before, rather than the week after. And I'm not sure that is at all dependent on whether they go to church, or away on holiday, or just stay home and eat chocolate.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments! I tried to check up facts about what kind of it might be and it seems this is a cross-breed between big Vietnamese pot bellied pig and Canadian mini pig. So it's smaller than the big ones but bigger than the minis!


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