Thursday, 12 March 2015

More Signs of Spring

From Human Behaviour point of view, I think that perhaps today may be counted as the first proper day of spring around here.


Walking into town, I saw a student lying flat on his stomach on the lawn outside a school building, reading a book. (Don’t ask why the sofa is outside - or, seeing that it is, why he was not using that. I haven’t got a clue! But it is a sure sign of spring, because it wouldn’t happen in winter!)


Approaching the main square, there was music in the air. It turned out to be coming from live street musicians; and lots of people were sitting around just enjoying both the music and the sunshine.


I got infected by the spring bug as well, and got some balcony stuff out from winter storage. My clematis plants will remain covered for a while yet though as otherwise the variation between frosty nights and sunny afternoons may be too much of a shock to them.


CIMG3387-001 CIMG3388-001

(And yes I will be careful with myself too.)


  1. Hmm... maybe the sofa was, at closer inspection, too scruffy to sit on, with stains of unknown provenance... But even in the sun, I would not want to lay on the ground just yet! It must still be quite cold without any protective blanket underneath.
    Sunshine and music - what more could one want on such a lovely afternoon!

    1. I'm not sure when I was last down on the ground in that position at all, Meike :) Whenever it was, I'm sure it wasn't in the month of March! Really, in the morning the ground was frosty, and the daytime temperature (in the shadow) no higher than around 8 C. Just goes to prove that the early spring sun makes people go crazy here in the North :)

  2. i love the photo of the man reading the book and my first thought before i read your words, was why is he not on the sofa. it looks to good to be on the trash bin.. i know everyone is so happy to see the sun..

    1. I zoomed him in from across the street, hoping he would not notice (and I don't think he did)...

  3. Huge signs of spring are college students on the campus and street musicians! We MADE it through!!!

  4. I love your town and its various outdoor activities that bonds the community spirit.
    The photo of the student on the grass studying outdoors is rather cute....or maybe his girlfriend chucked him out of her apartment with his only


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