Friday, 20 March 2015

FMTSO: Spring In Your Step

“It's the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. Show us the start of it in your corners of the world.”


This week I spotted the first tree blossoms.


A couple of golden-eyes in the river.


Lots of crocuses on the ground.


People showing spring feelings…
(represented by a piece of street art under a bridge)


Light at the end of the monstrous dark tunnel Smile


Alas I did not get to see the sun being eaten up by the moon today, as that drama was all hidden by clouds here. Maybe just as well, considering I did not have the proper equipment for staring straight into the sun anyway! I think it was only supposed to be like an 80% eclipse here. The sky did grow rather dark for a while, but as it was all grey anyway, I certainly would not have thought “solar eclipse” if I hadn’t known there was to be one (and was watching it broadcasted live on internet TV from the Faeroe Islands and Svalbard). (The foreboding photo above taken by me on Wednesday afternoon the 18th).


  1. I LOVE this post! Frankenstein in love, who would have thought? I love the art in your town. And even the graffiti is creative. I have never seen a real golden eye, but they have white cheeks like a clown. Love the bright art to cheer up the dark tunnel. finally it is spring for both of us! Spring starts here at 6:45 P.M. today.

  2. That first shot simply sings of spring! I like the crocus, too. It must be wonderful for you to see those first signs of warmer weather.

  3. It was sunny and nice here all day yesterday, but much colder than what the sun made you think. I still needed my padded coat when leaving the house, but was able to sit in jeans and t-shirt on my windowsill for some early sunbathing with my afternoon coffee.
    The cherry tree in front of the kitchen window will take 2 more months to blossom, I expect, but the first tender green leaves will appear sooner than that.

  4. all of these are wonderful signs of spring.. even Frankenstein found a flower. LOL

  5. pretty spring florals. my view of spring was quite different

  6. love the purple crocuses.

  7. After seeing the crocus pictures I shall have to re-think my bulb planting. They belong in a natural ares rather then in the more formal tubs and beds I have them in.


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