Saturday, 30 May 2015

In the Shadow of the Chestnut Tree

Huge old horse-chestnut tree in the cemetery.


  1. These are so beautiful, aren't they! Do you know how old (more or less) this one is?
    My town is full of them, chestnuts are even part of the nickname for the locals: "Kastanienbeutel", that means chestnut bags, while Stuttgarters are called Stäffelesrutscher, because Stuttgart has so many steps and stairways, being built at the bottom of a deep valley and with the city spreading all over the slopes. Swabian for steps/stairs is "Staffel" or "Stäffele".

    1. This cemetery was founded in the late 1800s, Meike. I don't know what the land just there looked like before, if some trees may be even older. But maybe 100+ years is "old enough"... Our town park was also founded in 1899, I see when I look it up now. There are huge chestnut trees there as well; and also along the river and other places. Thanks for the info about the nicknames, I did not know any of that. Borås has quite a few steps and stairs as well, especially on the east side of the town centre. There is flat ground close to the river but then it's uphill!

  2. this is a beautiful tree, i love the shape and the flowers

  3. Great photos of the chestnut tree and blossoms!

  4. That's a large tree, providing a lot of shade and producing some nice shadows.
    I like the first photo which shows the cemetery itself and the second one showing the flowers.
    Nicely photographed!
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace :)


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