Saturday, 3 October 2015

Books, Films, TV & Nature

Besides manuals for the new TV and other appliances I did not read a whole lot in the month of September…


The novels I did read, were in the form of audio books.
Earlier in the summer (I’m not sure if I mentioned it before) I read Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey by Lady Fiona Carnarvon of Highclere Castle  (=the setting for the TV series "Downton Abbey"). In September, I also listened to the sequel, Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey. If you like Downton Abbey, there’s a good chance you’ll be just as fascinated by the real life stories – or even more so!


I also listened to two books by Alexander McCall Smith. One was Bertie plays the blues, which is the 7th in the 44 Scotland Street series. I’m not sure I’ve read all the previous ones, but I doubt that matters much. They’re rather like a TV soap opera in the sense that if you miss an episode (or a season), it’s not all that hard to catch up, as things are repeated a lot… 


On the whole, I think I enjoy his No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (set in Botswana) more – even if those tend to be a bit repetitive as well by now. The Handsome Man’s De Lux Café, which I listened to last, is the 15th(!) in that series.


On TV, I’m following Poldark, a “new old” British drama broadcasted here this autumn (on Saturday nights). I missed the first episodes but was able to catch up on my new “smart” TV (once I’d got the internet etc sorted…) Breathtaking background scenery from Cornwall in HD.

Bildresultat för poldark

I’m also looking forward to re-watching some of my favourite DVD’s on the new TV. Started with the Harry Potter films… Last night The Goblet of Fire (=No. 4).


Meanwhile, Nature is putting up quite a show of its own outdoors though, this time of year – so I can’t spend all the time watching TV! Winking smile


  1. I haven't read the Lady Almina book, but it's definitely one I'm interested in.

  2. I see we have the same taste in reading. I have the Lady Almina book, I read it and am keeping it, just enjoyed it so much. A favorite series of mine is the Alexander McCall Smith's Mma Ramotswe series set in Botswana. My current favorite novelist is Anthony Trollope, I love his books. I read 7 so far this year.

    1. Terra, thanks for the reminder about Trollope. I have the Barsetshire Chronicles downloaded on my Kindle (recommended to me by someone, I don't remember who!) but haven't got round to reading them yet.

  3. It sounds as if you are sorted for the coming winter.
    I like the Rosehips but never manage a decent shot of them.

    1. At least rosehips grow waist-high, Adrian - one does not have to bend down to the ground to take photos of them! :)

  4. I LOVE all the photos, and my ancestors are from Scotland and my maiden name is McCall... maybe this is kin folk to me.

    1. He's an extremely productive writer - four novels in different series published only this year. I'm not sure if his books as such are fast-paced enough for your taste - but if you haven't read any and would like to try one, I'd suggest starting with the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

  5. So I am not the only one who feels especially attracted to the world of Harry Potter when autumn comes round :-)
    I've just finished 3 books nearly at the same time but have not yet had time to write my reviews.

  6. Meike, I can get hit by cravings for a bit of magic any time of year... ;) but I do think I feel more inclined towards watching long feature films, and also reading long books, in autumn and winter. (In summer, there are too many other kinds of distractions, I guess.)

  7. Since I'm a Downton Abbey fan, thanks for mentioning the books....will check them out.
    Audio books may be the way to go for me because I'm so busy these days.

  8. I'm a fan of McCall Smith although it's a long time since I read any of the No 1 Ladies D A novels.


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