Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tiddely Pom on Yellow Brick Road

Just now I feel a bit like being stuck in Groundhog Day – like in the movie from 1993 with Bill Murray, about a weatherman suddenly finding himself living the same day over and over again…

The Swedish title of this movie, translated back to English, is “Monday All Week Long” (as we don’t have a Groundhog day here). As it happens, there was a rerun of this film on one of my TV channels this past weekend, and I ended up (re)watching it. And then on Monday morning I woke up to this ‘reality show’ rerun of winter:



Not really what I like to see at the beginning of March! Winking smile


But I decided to take the camera out for one last (??) wintry walk before the snow fell off the trees again.


Just a short turn around “Yellow Brick Road” – my nickname for the street where I live.



The snow was heavy and wet and already gliding off some of the parked vehicles…




… and dropping in chunks to the ground off the tree branches…


And nobody knows (Tiddely pom)
How cold my toes (Tiddely pom)
How cold my toes (Tiddely pom)
Are growing.

Winnie the Pooh

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  1. Your pictures are so beautiful, but I know you must get tired of all the snow.

  2. I think snow was created so pretty to compensate for the cold that comes with it. Your photos are just awesome and I like the variety of shots you shared with us.

  3. I'm sure it is tiresome for you but it looks simply beautiful to me. The splashes of colour seem even more vibrant somehow.

  4. It's pretty to look at but, as you say, not really something you want to see in March!
    It did snow a tiny little bit again here on Monday, but it didn't stay on the ground. The past two weeks, it was colder here than it had been all winter, and I need my heaviest winter coat which I did not need all winter!

  5. Not nice snow to walk or work in but it looks good here on your post.

  6. It's beautiful, but so preferred to see in pictures, rather than experienced first hand! lol! Have no fear, spring is coming!

  7. i would not want to wake up to that snow either, but it truly did give you the opportunity to take these wonderful photos. beautiful shots.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. The forecast for the next few days is looking better (sunnier)... keeping my fingers crossed ;) ...

  9. I so rarely see snow at home that I confess I do enjoy it. Although if it happens to snow when I'm on my travels through Scotland that is quite a different matter.

  10. Well, at least the snow is all gone again around here now before Easter. (Not that one ever knows...)


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