Thursday, 3 March 2016

Postcards and Computers

160303 BY-1840119

A postcard that found its way through my door today. Winking smile
The artist behind the illustration is one Anna Chernyshova.

I fell in love with this card because I like books, and illustrations, and fairy tales, and dragons; and I do also find it very interesting what the brain gets up to while we’re sleeping (and why).

And besides all that: If you imagine that book to be a laptop instead, the girl’s face and gestures probably reminds a lot of my own today, when Bella (my computer) decided that she wanted to spend most of the afternoon doing “her own thing” rather than go along with what I had planned to do.  (Something that seems to happen more and more frequently with all my internet devices.) Today she did not even tell me what it was about. I can only hope it was important and legitimate! (It’s a bit like having a teenager in the house.)

Anyway, now I’m tired, and I’m going to try and put her to sleep and myself as well. Hopefully without nightmares for both of us…



  1. That really is a cute and fun postcard!
    Love the little girl's oversized shadow on the wall, and how the artist has managed to make the lamp "glow".

  2. i love the card, she has a real talent.. i know we share a love/hate relationship with our internet devices

  3. Having a computer these days is "a bit like having a teenager in the house". What a wonderful description.


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