Sunday, 13 March 2016

Weekend Reflection – More Art

Spring is still making slow progress here (if any). Yesterday we saw a bit of sunshine, though, and in the afternoon I took the bus into town; and walked from there to the Textile Fashion Center. Last weekend when I visited the Art Museum I got an annual entrance pass which is also valid at the Textile Museum. Each individual exhibition over a year may not be to my taste; but the museums are always good goals for a walk.


An upside-down view of a building where I’ve not yet been inside, it’s a sort of science center for kids (well, mainly). (Entrance fee not included in the museum pass!)


I stopped briefly at this special entrance to say hello to David Zinn’s little creatures from last autumn’s street art festival, though. They seem to have survived the winter well!


Outside the Textile Fashion Center we have Jaume Plensa’s giant sculpture House of Knowledge. Since last autumn enjoying the company of a big blue eagle painted on the walls of the University building across the road (and railroad).


The machine hall at the textile museum has not yet been reopened after the move a couple of years ago. (So there’s something to look forward to.) They had a couple of looms on display in the foyer just now, though. And a sign in the background saying “No Loose Threads”.

Not so sure about that, though, when I got up to the exhibition going on upstairs, entitled “Poetry of the Hybrids”. (Seemed like a lot of loose threads to me!)




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  1. Visually exciting! I hate it when museums charge twice though.

  2. i never tire of seeing your town - even the topsy turvy view is lovely! Like your spring, our autumn is slow to arrive. Love the sculpture's new companion.

  3. It is an interesting town. On the face of it the buildings are often just modern concrete but all the wall art, sculpture and the light make it a bit of a gem.

  4. Good idea to get an annual pass for the museum(s)! I hope you'll visit often and show us what you saw.

  5. LOVE the upside down reflection of the building, do not care for the strings hanging down. love the sculpture watching the eagle. i would love an annual pass to all of this..

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. The street art does make it more enjoyable to go for a walk in central town even this time of year. And best of all: The street art is free for everyone to look at :)

  7. your shots remind me of Artprize here in Grand Rapids, and Frederik Meijer Gardens. love that first one!!

  8. That is a great reflection!

  9. It's lovely to see that the little Zinn creatures have survived.

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments!


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