Saturday, 19 March 2016

“Some Tweaks”


It’s been a weird week, with a few “tweaks” to it…

On Tuesday evening when I turned on the computer to do a bit of my usual this and that (or so I thought), It took control over Me again (rather than the other way round), and without warning  or my active permission started running a new Windows 10 update; which turned out to take all evening (about three hours).

It did finish before I needed to go to bed, though; so at least I was able to turn it off then (and stop it from doing who-knows-what-else-it-might-otherwise-get-up-to-over-night).

When I turned it on again on Wednesday, of course there were still some configurations left to be done. Meanwhile, I was informed that “we’ve got some new features to get excited about” and “we’ve made some tweaks to make Windows even better” etc.

What exactly those “exciting” features and tweaks may be, I still haven’t really had a chance to find out; because the first thing that became obvious was that the “improved” Win10 had decided to no longer accept my wireless keyboard and mouse. As I normally use my laptop as a desktop together with a larger monitor + wireless keyboard (for ergonomic reasons), this caused me considerable trouble. So most of my computer time that day had to be spent searching for solutions to this problem. It turned out I was far from the only one to have run into trouble with that particular (old) keyboard not working with Windows 10. (N.b. I had no problems with it after the first installation back in the autumn though.) There were various tips to be found online – but none that I tried worked for me. So I gave up, and that day had to settle for just using the laptop as laptop for the things I most urgently needed to do online.

By lucky timing, on Thursday my brother was coming for a visit. In the afternoon we went to one of the huge multi media stores at a shopping center across town. Even with extra help it’s not the easiest thing in the world to choose among dozens of available computer accessories, though. I did manage to buy one which was accepted by the computer… But, using it today for the first time for more than a few short commands, I’m not so sure I’m all that pleased with it … It’s smaller than my old one was, and I feel that some of the keys are in different and more uncomfortable positions, and… Hmm… (But perhaps I’ll get used to it…)

The sunset photo above was taken yesterday evening from my balcony. I took some other photos too yesterday when my brother and I were out for a walk; I’ll put those into a separate post later.


  1. I hope Win 10 will let you upload those photos... this is really making me upset to read this. so far it has not done that to my laptop. it has done a lot of downloads but usually only about 20 minutes or so. maybe that is because I have ultra high speed internet. I don't like them just taking over the computer when they want.. if I had the money I would change to apple and get a Mac.. I am wondering if win 10 is better when it comes in the computer than trying to put it in my old computer over win 7.... the updates are fixing what doesn't work that everyone complains about....

  2. My computer doesn't update like that, but my Kindle Fire does and it drives me crazy.

  3. You can go to internet connection app and set the connection to metered in advanced settings then you will have to check what is available and when you want it to upload. I can do a screen grab or two if you need it.

    1. Thanks Adrian. I did suspect there must be some settings somewhere, I've just not had the energy to look into it. Now that I have a clue where to start looking, perhaps I'll get round to it "one of these days"... :) (so much to catch up with just now) I'll let you know if I need further assistance finding it!

  4. So far, I've not yet upgaded to WIN10, even though the prompt appears every time I turn on my computer. I am still happy with WIN8 and am afraid WIN10 would cause problems with my favourite game (The Sims 2). As long as I'll keep this computer, I think I'll stick to its current configuration.
    I hope you'll be able to stop your computer from overruling your commands!

    1. Not sure about that, Meike... But at least with a new wireless keyboard now I'm able to try and communicate with it again! :)


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