Friday, 17 June 2016

Far Out – Among Bears and Wolves

Friday My Town this week asks us to share “favourite remote places around your town”. Well, not having a car, I very rarely get around to the really remote places… But one of my pretend remote places is the zoo.

In yesterday’s post I showed some photos from the ‘African savannah’. At the opposite end of the zoo, in more typical Swedish nature, we find some of the big animals from our own fauna. I was in luck and happened to be visiting at feeding time for the wolves and the bears.


The bears waiting expectantly in the back enclosure while staff are spreading snacks for them to find around the outer areas.

In the wild, in summer, our Swedish bears like to eat blueberries. However, when there are no blueberries, they don’t say no to an imported melon instead…




Daddy Bear also enjoys a swim before his snack.





Shakin’ it off…


Joining the rest of the family to see if there’s any more food left.CIMG8825






The wolves are rather more shy, and really prefer to eat when there aren’t so many humans watching… So they were rather hesitant to come out of the wood to fetch their snack.

Here is oneCIMG8797

And there’s the prey, down by the river… CIMG8799

I really want it…CIMG8800

No, I daren’t… CIMG8798

Well, if you don’t want it, there are others who do!
(Who’s afraid of a cowardly wolf?!)

Hey! What’s that thieving magpie up to…CIMG8804

That’s MY meat…CIMG8803

Ha! Got it!CIMG8805 


Friday My Town – Far Out


  1. These are really excellent shots. Love animals, and this zoo seems like a nice getaway. Thanks for linking in.

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. Thanks Mersad. Yes, I quite enjoy walking around the zoo with camera in hand... I don't go every year, but this year I might go more than once, as I decided to buy a season ticket :)

  2. they are beautiful, bears and wolves.. the bird is lucky he took the bone and not the bird... i love the big papa bear

    1. Yes, the bears are great fun to watch when they're in playful mood. They've got a nice big area now and water to swim in, and they seem to really enjoy that.

  3. I always enjoy the wolves and bears, best part of the zoo.

  4. Such beautiful animals! Are wolves and bears still living in the wild in Sweden? In Germany, much effort has been put into reintroducing wolves, but this has caused much controversy. And as for bears - no plans to have them return to what once used to be their natural habitat. Whenever a stray one is sighted, a huge media hype follows, especially if the poor animal is shot by the police. Maybe you heard about "Bruno" some years ago; I think that happened in Bavaria.

    1. Meike, we do still have some bears and wolves in the wild in Sweden. Bears can be found over most of the northern half of the country. They were close to becoming extinct in the 1930s or so but now I think regarded as 'vulnerable'. The wolves were practically extinct in the early 1970s but then some immigrated from Finland/Russia and the pouplation has grown back to around 340 in Scandinavia. They live mostly in the middle part of the country. They're definitely not wanted by the raindeer keepers in the far north (Lappland). Nor in the south where more people live. but of course sometimes they stray... and cause panic... We have the same hype about sighting of wolves that you describe about the bears in your country. The number of wolves we "ought" to have is much discussed. In theory no one wants them to become an extinct species; but no one wants them in one's own neighbourhood. Anyway, the hunting of both bears and wolves is strictly regulated (and decided on from year to year).

  5. Love the bears, especially the one of the mother (I presume) and babies sharing their meal.

  6. Really great pictures!!From (I hope) a very long way away! We have bears all around us, really! We live in the mountains, down in a valley. The bears come into town for food. It was just in the paper yesterday, a bear came into a yard where a man was outside, and his wife was scared to death. A bear also came into our friend's garage and got in the trash, then tried to get in the kitchen window!

  7. Wonderful photos of the Bears & Wolf Dawn. If I didn't know beforehand I'd think the close up shots where out in the wilderness somewhere. Nothing like the threat of your meal being stolen to boost your enthusiasm. I really like the Magpie trying to steal that big bone photo, it gave me a laugh. Have a great weekend.
    Visiting from Mersad's Friday My Town Shoot Out link up

  8. Lovely photos as usual....the bears seem to be having a great time!!


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