Friday, 30 September 2016

Postcards for the Weekend–Domesticated Animals

Ordinary domestic pets aren’t on my Postcrossing wishlist; but because of my interest in fairy tale and other illustrations, it happens that some less ordinary ones drop in…

160714 TW-1982363
From Taiwan (TW-1982363) (July, 2016)
Alice in Wonderland illustration by Sir John Tenniel
(from the Macmillan Alice series of postcards)

“If it had grown up,” she said to herself, “it would have made a dreadfully ugly child; but it makes rather a handsome pig, I think.”


160530 RU-4726470
From Russia (RU-4726470) (May, 2016)
Don Pigleone
”Great pigs are not born great. They grow great.”


160921 NL-3573631

From the Netherlands (NL-3573031) (September, 2016)
A fairy riding an Elephant Butterfly.


160517-160524 from John 177

From John in England (May, 2016)
”Little Dragon struggled to understand the human race.”
(Illustration by Jackie Morries)


160805-160811 from John 188

Also from John in England (August, 2016)
British Longhorns grazing at Attingham Park, Shropshire


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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! I, also, love all kind of fairy tales and I have a book of ones from Germany. I have some titles I will tell you about as soon as I go and check. The baby pig one is awesome!! Both cute and funny. The play on The Godfather is hilarious. The butterflies, bees, and fairy is gorgeous and imaginative. And I love the studying dragon!! I now see how pathetic the postcards I have been sending are. I will try to remedy that!

  2. Ginny, you have sent me some wonderful cards already! (But by all means, keep up the good work...)
    It is Maria who hosts the meme who sets the weekly theme, and I just randomly dip into my collection(s) to see what I might have that could fit.

  3. you know I love the last one because it is cows, but I love that sweet cute dragon to and Don Pigeloni made me laugh out loud.

  4. How useful to have clawed feet to hold a book. The pigleone is so funny, I am sure it will cross my mind next time I see a real one.

  5. I'm trying hard to understand the human race too. What great cards.

  6. The Alice card is a great choice!

    1. I recently could not resist buying the whole Macmillan anniversary box of (100) Alice postcards... I've not yet sent any of them away, but some day I'll probably start dipping into it :)

  7. Really delighted to see all these postcard choices you have for this weekend's theme! But I would say that one with the dragon is my favorite.

  8. I love that awesome sweet little dragon! ♥

  9. You made very original choices! I like the fact that you included the bees. Sometimes people don't think of them as domesticated animals.
    The dragon is really great!

  10. I got to the bottom and thought I recognised it (which, of course, I did). It reminded me that I was supposed to do a post about doors at Attingham Park.


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