Monday, 16 January 2017

Home Office Makeover

‘Santa Per’ (my brother) came visiting this week, bringing Big Parcels from Ikea. He also spent one afternoon and the next morning assembling all the bits and pieces into nice new study/home office furniture for me; and when he left, he took all the old retired things away with him. (Almost. I’m still here…)

2017 study makover2
Bottom left: Before
Middle: After

Have to say the result feels like a major face-lift, even though ‘only’ three pieces of furniture were replaced. The new desk + two new chests of drawers are blackish brown on top but with white drawers; thus colour matching (more or less) my old bookcases (three tall dark brown ones + a lower white one next to the desk). Just as I hoped, this brought a more coherent look to the room, without making me feel I need to replace the bookcases as well (they still do their job well enough).

The new desk is a little bigger than the old one, and the drawer units also give me a few more drawers compared to before, making it easier to organize stuff. (Or at least hide it!) 

Bildresultat för office clipart free


  1. Looks great to me, thank you Per... so cool for a brother to come bearing gifts PLUS putting them together..

  2. He found the perfect gift for you! Not only do you have more storage room, but the room looks so much more modern and inviting! It is quite wonderful, and your pretty rug sets it all off perfectly, giving it all a warm feel. How is Per doing these days? I remember his blog and his music.

  3. Looks good and aren't you the lucky one to have such a kind and handy brother.

  4. What a great brother! Your office is looking good.

  5. Cool! Nothing like a room make-over to lift the spirits, is there, when maybe January feels like it is dragging on a bit, with winter truly settling in and all that...

  6. That looks very smart - I like the colour contrast.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. He's a great little brother indeed :) And I'm very pleased with the new look of the room myself!

  8. As well you should Monica. It looks like a good space in which to spend time (and hide things!).

    1. Graham, I'm already wondering where on earth I hid some things!!! ;)


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