Saturday, January 14, 2017

Postcard for the Weekend - 'Transportation, other'

This bus arrived very timely from the Netherlands this week, meeting the theme set for Postcards for the Weekend: 'Transportation, other' 

Weekend Linky Party:


  1. that is truly fitting for transportation. I love the driver, her hair is standing on end....

  2. Love it! It's a party bus. There is so much to see here, and it's all so cute! They are not travelling to a destination; they ARE the destination!!

  3. A very cool bus! Excellent transportation card :-)

  4. This postcard is way too cool Monica! Thanks for sharing! It must be one great ride on this party bus.

  5. I like how he didn't try to get the double base on board, fun card.

  6. I would sit with the cats right behind the driver. Everyone else seems rather noisy :-D

  7. Cool bus & cool comments... Thanks, everyone! :)

  8. Thanks for sharing the postcard.
    Fiep Westendorp is one of my favourite illustrators! Last year Dutch Post issued a version of this bus on stamps. I have been happy enough to receive it on a Christmas present. I am going to upload it to the blog, but you can se it in my album of Fiep if you wish.

    1. Eva, there were matching stamps on the back of the card, too :)


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