Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Our World Tuesday: When I’m Free


Another mural from the No Limit street art festival in September.
Work in progress above…


… and then I went back to see the result a few weeks later.


Artist: Lakwena (from London)
The link goes to an interview I found online, where she talks about her art as a “contemporary expression of worship” and “the importance of words and how much power they have”.

Our World Tuesday


  1. I love it when I can watch them actually painting. The lower end of these murals is called graffiti, but I think ALL these artists are so very talented. I don't know how she gt all these lines perfectly straight, and the curves so perfect.

    1. Ginny, I think it's only called 'graffiti' if it's done illicitly. Not when someone has been officially chosen and invited by the city to do it!

  2. You do have the most amazing street art.

    1. The people arranging the sculpture and street art festivals have done a good job of it and it has certainly been a "facelift" for our city.

  3. when I saw the mural I thought what does this have to do with being free, when I got to the finished mural WOW! I love it.

    1. I liked it even better after reading that interview with her :) ... And it is good to see an uplifting message like that written on a wall, as opposed to all the ones of negative or commercial kind that we get enough of anyway.


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